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dj-origenal 20-05-2021 11:12

Hello guys

Its still a long time since my last post here but how sad is to know a part of my past is disappearing in a few days :( Many thanks and respect to all people who contributed to make this place work all the years (Carlos, Leon, Rik..)
Still remember some good people here (don't know if they remember me..;) ) in Kalman, ggeorg, Rik, Danny, Ahmed, Filip, Carlos.. Hope you are all fine :)

Good luck

Forza Depor

ggeorg 20-05-2021 20:15


Originally Posted by dj-origenal
Hello guys

Its still a long time since my last post here but how sad is to know a part of my past is disappearing in a few days :( Many thanks and respect to all people who contributed to make this place work all the years (Carlos, Leon, Rik..)
Still remember some good people here (don't know if they remember me..;) ) in Kalman, ggeorg, Rik, Danny, Ahmed, Filip, Carlos.. Hope you are all fine :)

Good luck

Forza Depor

Nice to see you around mate :)

Diligent 21-05-2021 09:48


Originally Posted by dj-origenal
Its still a long time since my last post here but how sad is to know a part of my past is disappearing in a few days Many thanks and respect to all people who contributed to make this place work all the years (Carlos, Leon, Rik..)
Still remember some good people here don't know if they remember me.. ) in Kalman, ggeorg, Rik, Danny, Ahmed, Filip, Carlos.. Hope you are all fine

Of course we do. :)

Glad to see your around.

¡Forza Depor!

hari 21-05-2021 18:44

I have signed up in reddit just for the deportivo community.. anyone can find me at subreddit or in the facebook page/group as Hari/Sreehari.. keep in touch guys ����

DepHun 22-05-2021 15:48

cheers to Rahim and Greg :) also cheers to all the others here.

DepHun 23-05-2021 19:53

Maybe I did not share this too openly, but I found a new job and a new career thanks to this forum and my friendship with Yorgi (George). 7 years ago, I met a Greek girl in Budapest, who was from the same suburbs of Thessaloniki as him and she offered me a job as she thought I spoke Spanish. :D

Throughout the years it was good to talk to Xosé about A Coruna and politics, to meet Miles and Scott in Catalunya, to have a dinner with Ahmed in Budapest, to talk about handball with Marko, about his El Camino with Kevin, about my fav player Tamás Priskin at Watford with Feliuk, to agree with Rahim, and Vladan, to debate with Rik, Greg, Hari, Iztok, Morten, and Filip on football and others. Special cheers to Chyngyz, Sultan, Walex, and Shelvin! :)

Thanks Leon for the efforts and huge thanks to Carlos to keep alive (with news and articles) the site until this moment.

It was nice to meet you guys here and maybe we meet somewhere else online or offline.

Djalminha 24-05-2021 10:39

Thank you for all the hours, days and years guys. Especially thanks to the legends posting all the content.

Ricardo 25-05-2021 10:32

Thank you all for keeping this platform going for so many years.
Back in the day before social media blew up, it was difficult to express opinions/concerns/joy about our club. This site allowed us to do just that, as well as communicate with Depor fans from across the world.

Thank you for those of you who contributed to all the news articles, club updates etc.

I will continue to follow you on Twitter and I hope you all continue supporting Depor forever.

God Bless and Forza Depor!

vlada 25-05-2021 20:27

Hard to believe that 15 years have passed (although I wrote rarely, I was here every day)..

What to say about DepHun, Carlos, deporiginal, Marko, Dejan, ggeorg, toni, hari, Filip and all the others (forgive me for not mentioning everybody)?? All the best, my brothers..

This is not the end - this is just a new beginning.. All the best to all of you and greetings from Serbia.. And of course and always:

Forza Depor! Blanquiazul forever!

Marko 26-05-2021 17:59

The day has come, 26.5...

I wanted to check if the website is still online and to share my last post I guess.
All the best to all of the members that were making this forum great in these years. I wasn't part of the forum at the best years of Depor, but I got all the worst parts of the team history.
I was checking the website almost every day.
Finally I'm in financial position to visit La Coruna and meet some of the members, but the luck wasn't on my side. First, the situation in Depor, then the coronavirus.
I hope that one day I'll meet some of you, especially my "neghbours" Georg, DepHun and Vlada. Vlada, I apologize for some "fights" that we had in the forum, I was young and stupid :D

I'll mention the moment when I got my PENA membership card and the t-shirt Deportivismo. Great joy, very emotional moment for me.

All the best my friends, I hope we will find a way to continue with our discussions in the future.

Напред Депортиво!

tonideportivoBG 27-05-2021 18:46

Hello guys

Thanks to all people who put the work, which brought us here all together.

Nothing is gonna be the same. But its the best decision to move on and keep sharing moments on the other platforms, which will also make life easier to the team which was doing all the work.

I hope Deportivo sickness will be healed in the coming years and one day we will share the joy elsewhere together

Good luck to all.


gabi 06-06-2021 13:31

So sad. With a tear in my eye I’m saying goodbye to everyone.

Benn 16-07-2021 10:11


Originally Posted by deporiginal
Just checked, and it's been almost 6 years since my last post. That's just crazy. It's pure coincidence that I visited the website today, just in time to learn that it's ending.

Me "leaving" the forum wasn't even intentional. The forum had been down for a few weeks/months back in 2014, if I remember correctly. And one day, a few days after my last post in 2015, I couldn't enter the website anymore, it just said the page couldn't be found or something. I thought the same thing had happened again, as the site seemed to be down for quite a long time. Many months later, I bought a new laptop, and I was able to reach the website just fine. So I realised that the website had actually been accessible all along, there was just something wrong with my laptop or browser. Then I wasn't able to log in as I forgot my password, and since I had been absent for so long anyway, I basically left it at that.

A year or two later, I went to the website and remembered my old password without even having to think about it, somehow. But I didn't get around to post, unfortunately. Kinda feel bad about that now.

I have a lot of great memories of this place, but it seems like it went south really fast after our second relegation. Out of curiosity, just now I was looking up members like Michal, Barkoty, Fabian, Penguin, Benn, The DK Blanquiazul,... Some of them haven't logged in for ten years at this point. I can't help but wonder how all of them are doing, and if they're still supporting Depor, now that we're down in the gutter.

I actually speak Spanish quite fluently these days, so I've followed the news on for years now. I don't have an active account there either, but I'm still as big of a fan of Depor as I was 15 years ago. I even bought two completely useless shares a few months ago, during the capital increase. About 0.0001% of the club is all mine now :D

I still watch our games every weekend, whenever I can. It's actually quite funny how easy it is to watch Segunda B games online. I remember dealing with countless atrocious streams from JustinTV and rojadirecta back in the day. Now I can watch Spanish third division in HD for free, no issues whatsoever.

I don't have any social media accounts, but I might just create a Reddit account to join the rest of you there. I think the forum also suffered simply due to the rise of platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter,... Also the fact that a lot of our more active members got older and ended up leaving to do other stuff, including me. When I was 16, I probably made around 20 posts per day here. And finally, I'm pretty sure Depor hasn't attracted a new foreign supporter in ten years or so... We're a dying breed.

Anyway, best of luck to all of you, and thank you for all the memories. I wouldn't be the fanatic Depor fan I am today if it hadn't been for this website, this forum and the fantastic people in here (even Filip and DepHun! :) ).

Hey man! Long time no see. When you name drop me like that, I feel like I have an obligation to answer :)

I have actually logged in every other year, just to check in, but I can also see that my last post is exactly 10 years and 2 days ago today. Time flies... I hope you're doing well and I hope everyone in that exclusive little list of yours is as well. That obviously also goes for all the other members of this forum from back in the day. Some of which I've even met in real life when Deportivo visited Denmark back in 2008 to play a friendly against Brondby and in 2009 to play Aalborg in the UEFA Cup.

For the Brondby match, I even managed to get Fabricio's long sleeve black Canterbury goalkeeper shirt, which I of course still have and will never get rid of. I might start rocking it in the streets of Copenhagen just to show off such a rare and beautiful shirt. I'm sure I'll get some odd looks from people thinking: "Is this guy actually wearing a no. 1 Deportivo goalkeeper shirt?!". Those looks will be totally worth it.

I have a lot of amazing memories from this site and the community in here. I'm 100% sure I also have my Peña card somewhere. I was so proud when I got it, and the community in here was really something. Even though I haven't posted in 10 years, I'm still top 20 for most posts, which I guess shows how much I enjoyed being a part of this place. The most surprising part though, is that the frontpage ( is still using the same web banners that I made from in Photoshop using a YouTube tutorial more than 10 years ago haha. I can't believe you guys haven't updated them since.

Also, deporiginal, to answer your question. First of all, I'm doing very well! However, I'm no longer a Depor fan unfortunately. I'm not really sure what happened to be honest. I was a huge supporter back from 2000-2010, and my biggest dream was to visit Riazor. if you had you asked my in 2006, I'd tell you there's no way, I'd ever stop supporting Deportivo. Ever. Yet, that's exactly what happened. I don't know exactly why, but I guess it was a combination of poor results, life getting in the way and La Liga slowly becoming less popular in Denmark.

When I tell new friends, new colleagues etc that I was a huge Deportivo fan in the 00's, they think it is so freakin cool, and I start name dropping players like Pandiani, Valeron, Fran, Luque, Makaay, Molina, Naybet, Andrade, Tristan etc etc. To my surprise, alot of people actually still remember them and that just reminds me how big Deportivo was in the 00's. After reminiscing about old players, people always ask me why on earth I don't support them anymore. I always answer that it's like love... Sometime's it lasts, sometimes it doesn't. I was madly in love with Deportivo. I even remember crying when Luque scored that 3-0 goal against AC Milan in 2004. But for some reason, we grew apart before taking the next step into marriage. So I never made an active decision to stop supporting Depor - my passion for the club just slowly faded away, and so did my activity in here.

All good things must come to an end, and this forum sure was a good thing. I hope you're all doing well and I just want to thank everyone who made this place so special for so many people around the world. And especially you guys who put time, money and effort into running things. Thank you.

I might not support Deportivo anymore, but I will for sure give you a follow on Twitter. And who knows, that just might spark back a little of that love, I once had for this beautiful club Located in Galicia, Spain called Deportivo La Coruña.

Lebn8r 14-09-2021 04:11

Miss this place already.
Waking up at 3am to listen to dodgy Galician local radio stream in a language I do not understand waiting for the "gooool deportivo" to be screamed at me then my adrenalin and excitement would kick-in.

Carlos - if you read this message please accept my Facebook group request :)

ImHoTeP1907 20-09-2021 07:43


i dont know what should i say. im here since 2003 and had so many great times. Thank you for all your efforts and supports. im respectful for your decision of the site and forum.

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