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Shelvin 08-12-2008 11:29

UEFA Cup | Deportivo Vs Nancy | 17.12.2008 | 20:45 | Pre-match comments
We are 3rd in the pool with one match left. Its sort of a must win situation because we cant rely on Feyeenord to do the job for us cause they are bound to screw up. I was jst checking out the stats on and we certainly have the advantage according to the stats there. But anything can happen on the night and we all just have to hope for the best. If in a case we lose or draw we have to hope that Feyenoord draw with lech Poznan or beat them.

The DK Blanquiazul 08-12-2008 14:15

Must win. Nothing less.

Deporlover 09-12-2008 01:16

we can win and we will

Shelvin 09-12-2008 05:01

Yup we will win!

deporiginal 10-12-2008 18:41

Feyenoord coach Gert-Jan Verbeek could get fired this week, or the beginning of next week. Maybe if that happens, Feyenoord could get a "new-coach-boost" against Lech. I read a lot of the players want Verbeek out, so maybe if he gets fired, they'll want to show themselves against Lech.

Second, we should be able to beat Nancy. They've been horrible in Ligue 1, and it's not like they've been that spectacular in the Uefa Cup either. They beat an atrocious Feyenoord 3-0, even though Nancy was pretty crappy. They should've lost in Poznan, like Depor. And they failed to get something against an already qualified CSKA at home. Sure they scored three times, but CSKA seemed to hold back when in the lead, and when things got tied, they simply stepped up the pace again and won.

At Nancy, they're not even expecting to get a point against us. They're talking more about Feyenoord - Lech, than Depor - Nancy. If we play with a strong enough team, this should actually be a pretty easy game like the one against Feyenoord, if we're a bit lucky.

Edit: Holy crap, just saw all the injuries Nancy have :D Ouaddou and Sami won't play, their best player in defense André Luiz is suspended, and Chrétien will probably still be injured too. Their defense will be their B-team. Seeing they'll be relying on their defense, Depor should be able to push Nancy aside without too many problems to be honest. If we can score in the first half hour, we could see another game like against Feyenoord. This'll depend on Lotina. For the love of god, play with both Lafita and Guardado from the start. He could always sub them early in the second half, if they get tired.

Shelvin 11-12-2008 09:31

Yup we need Lafita!

TurkishSuperDepor 11-12-2008 15:02

Nancy is bloody worse team in our group ! even worse than Poznan.. We can dominate them If we dont afraid of them..

deporiginal 11-12-2008 17:14


Originally Posted by Nancy website
Contrairement à l’information publiée dans la presse, le défenseur brésilien n’est pas suspendu pour le déplacement à La Corogne. Le règlement de la coupe de l’UEFA stipule en effet qu’un joueur est suspendu après avoir reçu un troisième avertissement. Comme André Luiz n’a reçu que deux cartons jaunes depuis le début du parcours européen, face à Poznan et Moscou, il peut donc jouer à La Corogne.

Nuts :D

deporik 11-12-2008 17:51


caabrego 11-12-2008 18:03


Contrary to information published in the press, the Brazilian defender is not suspended for the trip to La Coruna. The rules of the UEFA Cup stipulates that a player is suspended after receiving a third warning. As Andre Luiz has received only two yellow cards since the beginning of the European course, fagainst Poznan and Moscow, he can play in La Coruna.

deporik 11-12-2008 18:09

Does anyone know our situation on yellow cards?? And does the card situation carry on into the knockout stage or does everyone start from zero once we get to the knockout stage?

caabrego 11-12-2008 18:19

I don't know how far goes this, but since the series with Hajduk, the yellow cards are:

* JR
* Mista
* Lopo (2)
* Guardado (2)
* Cristian
* Laure
* De Guzman
* Piscu
* Antonio Tomas

ggeorg 15-12-2008 00:14

Nancy won Grenoble today by 2-0

Elgreco 15-12-2008 10:47

i am not afraid of our performance in european matches.Specialy at Riazor,it seems very difficult for Nancy to avoid the defeat.Lets enjoy another magic European night!!!

deporiginal 15-12-2008 21:48

The referee's name is "Weiner" :D Ok German pronunciation is different, but I prefer reading it the English way.


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