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benea 23-09-2010 20:50

we deserved to lose today... we almost didn't exist on the pitch... except manu and colotto the team is good for segunda...

tsapa 23-09-2010 20:51

We scored two penalties in 4 games - good statistics.

valeron21 23-09-2010 20:52

only the positive results from the match are the good work of manu,colotto and perez

ggeorg 23-09-2010 20:55

poor passing, poor creativity!

Dioni got in the field in 66' and received the first pass at 81'

peterke2000 23-09-2010 20:59

things has to improve bad ore it whil be a hard season

Adi 23-09-2010 21:41

Next game to forget... ( like all the season?)

caabrego 23-09-2010 22:01

Not surprise at all after looking at the starting formation. It seems this is going to be a long season :rolleyes:

Palusqui 23-09-2010 22:56

Valeron isn't playing, of course we won't have excellent passing, Desmarets is a playmaker !! he should have taken the place of Juan Rod ... and Valeron should be the playmaker, but obviously Lotina doesn't know how to think

I'm only waiting for Lotina to leave the team, if they renewed his contract next June, i'm gonna stop being a fan of Depor, i'm really loyal to Depor, but Lotina forced me to change my mind now, F*ck him

Lulu 23-09-2010 23:00

I'm Not surprise , I think Depor didn't play good . Bythe way this match now is from past and we have to think of the next match.

depooor 24-09-2010 00:52

I blame Lotina for losing ,,,,, he changed the team that made a wonderful game against Getafe

a team composed of Juan in play making and laure on right
Juca for the first time
and Saul

even after entering some of the key figures like Lassad and Guardado still you have 2 players thatd didn't participate there

and why changing th players because of playing 3 games in 6 days ,,,,Lotina they are professionals

If he started with LAssad instead of Junaro and Andreas instead Saul am sure things had have been different

Sultan 24-09-2010 07:19

I hate Lotina + Lendoiro.

Feliuk 24-09-2010 11:51

Just seen the highlights and we had 2 or 3 really good chances to score.
We aren't playing that good, but we ain't rubbish either.
Bring on Almeria :)

Marko 24-09-2010 14:14

Guys we weren't so bad yesterday. Lotina missed his tactic again. I don't see the good things from his tacthic. He is playing with some pivotes, and we are leaving the middle to the opponent. This is very bad, because the individuals from the opponents coming to our area very fast, and than we are trying to defend. Our defence is still good. Lopo is secure, Colloto is the very good, Laure prove that at the moment he is better than Pablo, and Morel is decent. He is very slow, so I would like to see Rindaroy in action now. I'm not saying that Rindaroy is better than Morel, but we have to try. I'm not so woried of the defence. I'm woried because Lotina can't see, that because he is leaving the middle to the opponent, it is a real disaster for us. We are playing like we javen't middle. The role odf the pivotes is NOTHING. Ok, I will play maybe with one pivote (Perez), but nothing more. We need a power in the middle. Maybe we can play 4-1-3-1 but, at the moment we also haven't a man who will play alone in the attack because Riki is injured. I'll give a chance to Lassad as AMC, Desma as MC, Guardado ML, Saul MR and Dinoni in the striker zone. Adrian score 2 goals in 2 season. What an effect???:)

deporik 24-09-2010 14:34

It doesn't matter how good or bad Lotina's tactics are when we are missing absolute sitters in front of goal and the squad is totally unbalanced.
I don't see what Adrian has provided up front but with Riki injured (and missing good chances himself), Lassad finishing like Stevie Wonder and being played behind the front man, it severely limits us up front. Dioni has only just started playing for Fabril and has shown some real glimpses of hope but we can't put all our hopes in him.

I just wish our mentality was a bit better. I thought we started fine against Villarreal and looked OK all over the pitch but as soon as we conceded, we looked like we went into our defensive shell a bit and lacked intensity and creativity.

Diligent 24-09-2010 15:36

To get anything out of the game, you have got to take those sort of chances that came Desmarets way in the 1st half.

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