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Vatex 20-07-2020 14:08

if we win we will have very good chance to stay.

abdul001 20-07-2020 14:44

I have the feeling we will win

Diligent 20-07-2020 14:51

°Forza Depor!

Edit, Both Albacete and Lugo know a draw is not enough for them. Hopefully, one will slip up and we get the 3 points to survive.

Si Se Puede!!!!

Hori 20-07-2020 16:05

I hope we can get a favor from Cadiz. I think the Lugo match clearly goes to the home side, but maybe we can get something from the Cadiz match. A slight chance, but it is a chance.

babydepor 20-07-2020 17:56

There’s always the chance and i hate being negative...but I don’t know how I’ll handle this kind of heartbreak if we don’t make it.

ggeorg 20-07-2020 18:07


Originally Posted by babydepor
but I donít know how Iíll handle this kind of heartbreak if we donít make it.

just the rest of us...

just remove furniture, and stuff from proximity :D

caabrego 20-07-2020 18:40


Last minute: AS and Diario de Cadiz reporting that 6 players from Fuenlabrada tested postive for COVID-19. Today's games could be suspended.

Not a joke

ggeorg 20-07-2020 18:46

absolute madness!!!!!

I quit 2020, wake me up when it's 2021, thanx

Vatex 20-07-2020 18:57

Fans who has heart problems, just dont watch this game.

We have much quality players and I bilieve we can win

so lets be positive.


I absolutely have no nails on my fingers

Vatex 20-07-2020 19:03


Originally Posted by caabrego
Not a joke

its true???????????????

american123 20-07-2020 19:10

This decision shows how corrupt the Spanish Federation is. Everyone plays except us and now Fuenlabrada can still qualify for the playoff? You're going to tell me that the just found out there was 7 positives when they arrived? This is such an incredible scandal and will be in courts for years to come. Depor should go out at 9pm with the Starting XI and put in a claim for the 3 points when Fuenlabrada doesn't show up. Either everyone plays or no one plays.

caabrego 20-07-2020 19:18


The game Deportivo v Fuenlabrada has been suspended. The rest of matchday 42 will be played
Huge protests among the other clubs for been playing the rest of games.

Weird. 7 players tested positive, but still they made the trip to A CoruŮa. Why:confused:

Filip 20-07-2020 19:39

This makes no sense. At all. Nothing. We should get the 3 points and end of the story. If they can't keep their players in a healthy environment, it's their problem, not ours.

babydepor 20-07-2020 19:40

What a joke ! So our match will bd postponed but Lugo and Albacete will still have to play and if they win we’re screwed without even playing? What the hell ?! Absolutely they should give us the 3 points or suspend all the games...

caabrego 20-07-2020 19:40

it seems the game will be played on July 30

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