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caabrego 01-04-2011 20:37 at the social networks
For your information:




Aythami -!/aythamiartiles
Juan Carlos -!/juanca_juanca
Alex -!/AlexBG_2
Ze Castro -!/zecastro13
Abel Aguilar

Álvaro Lemos -!/alvarolemos10
Adriá Gallego -!/Adria2Gallego
Alex Lopez -!/1alex_lopez
David Vazquez -!/Davidgvazquez

Former players and coaches
Bebeto -!/bebetotetra94
Sergio -!/8dandy8
Capdevila -!/capde11
Filipe -!/FilipeLuis03
Caparros -!/JoaquinCaparros
Hector Berenguel -!/HectorBerenguel
Dani Mallo -!/1danimallo
Arbeloa -!/aarbeloa17
Ian Mackay -!/ianmackay25
Djukic -!/MiroslavDjukic
Arbeloa -!/aarbeloa17
Abreu -!/el13locoabreu
Ruben Castro -!/RubeCastro
Saul -!/SaulFdez12
Guardado -!/andresgua18

borinho 01-04-2011 20:39

this is great!

monkeypuncher 02-04-2011 05:29

Great to know!

I'm now following via Twitter...

Riazor warriors 02-04-2011 12:43

great job guys...thank you

tonideportivoBG 02-04-2011 13:42

We are the best!!!

Fabian 02-04-2011 14:54

Felt a rush of warmth when I checked the twitter today and saw the uber-proffesional looking logo and some informative information.

Thank you thank thank you thank you for this! :)

Joak 02-04-2011 20:20

Nice ;)

The DK Blanquiazul 02-04-2011 21:33

Twitter site is great. Incredible, too, that Facebook and Twitter are posted separately, perfectly taking advantage of Twitter's brief communicative nature, while Facebook is reserved for links and a great way to see other fans.

Only unfortunate thing is that there aren't that many members, but that's too be expected. :-)

monkeypuncher 03-04-2011 06:13

Brilliant job lads!

Rack 03-04-2011 13:03

Great stuff, well done!

Sultan 12-07-2011 13:33!/BodipoDiaz

this can't be Bodipo on twitter .. somebody can confirm this?

What about the twitter accounts of Depor players and past players? can you guys share some links here ..

Ruben Perez:!/RubenPerez89


caabrego 13-07-2011 02:17

The last two are the real ones, not sure about Bodipo

Abdullah Depor 13-07-2011 09:05

who care about bodipo .. :D

what about other players ?

Riazor warriors 13-07-2011 16:58

this maybe should be in a nother thread. anyway I added today our website to Deportivo de la coruna page on

Rack 13-07-2011 17:08


Originally Posted by Riazor warriors
this maybe should be in a nother thread. anyway I added today our website to Deportivo de la coruna page on

I must be blind RW, but I can't see it! Great idea!

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