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anuroc 18-08-2005 18:57


you could have started a new thread :)

Fabian 18-08-2005 19:15

Welcome, nice to see the scandinavian representation rising!

Lebn8r 18-08-2005 22:30

welcome norway dude!!

BeachBoy 19-08-2005 18:54

welcome guys!

Julen 24-08-2005 14:53


Feliuk 25-08-2005 13:27

Welcome :)

heidern 12-12-2016 16:00

Hi All,

It's me again. The first time I wrote on this forum was a bit more than 11 years ago. I stopped being active a few years back (I know, buuuu), but life can be tough trying to become an adult ;). I never stopped being a Depor fan. I still watch the games each week like all of you ;).

Hopefully I'll meet a bunch of new friends here and get back in touch with the vetrans.

P.S. Thanks Deporik for helping get control of my account.

Rack 12-12-2016 19:06

Welcome back! :cool:

deporik 12-12-2016 19:53

No problem my friend, glad to have you back :)

walex 13-12-2016 00:34

welcome back but were are you since

Deporlover 13-12-2016 08:00

nice to have you back :)

heidern 13-12-2016 11:17


Originally Posted by walex
welcome back but were are you since

I've spent the last few years concentrating on my career. I moved from Bergamo to Milan and then to Hamburg where I've been living for a little bit more than a year.

walex 13-12-2016 12:25

alright an I hope all is good

Blue_Nation 13-12-2016 14:23

Welcome back heidern! :)

ggeorg 13-12-2016 15:39

welcome back :)

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