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Martin 30-09-2009 21:54

Are you going to see Depor and if so where???
OK I thought I would start this thread so we can post (should you like) if you are going on a trip to see Depor either home or away. Then if any of us are in the area and should we wish we can meet up for a drink or at the match.

2016/2017 Season

Jornada 1 (21/08/2016) RC Deportivo v SD Eibar (Rack)
Jornada 2 (28/08/2016) Real Betis v RC Deportivo
Jornada 3 (11/09/2016) RC Deportivo v Athletic Club
Jornada 4 (18/09/2016) Deportivo Alavés v RC Deportivo
Jornada 5 (21/09/2016) RC Deportivo v CD Leganés
Jornada 6 (25/09/2016) Club Atlético de Madrid v RC Deportivo
Jornada 7 (02/10/2016) RC Deportivo v Real Sporting de Gijón
Jornada 8 (16/10/2016) FC Barcelona v RC Deportivo
Jornada 9 (23/10/2016) RC Celta de Vigo v RC Deportivo
Jornada 10 (30/10/2016) RC Deportivo v Valencia CF
Jornada 11 (06/11/2016) Granada CF v RC Deportivo
Jornada 12 (20/11/2016) RC Deportivo v Sevilla FC
Jornada 13 (27/11/2016) Málaga CF v RC Deportivo
Jornada 14 (04/12/2016) RC Deportivo v Real Sociedad de Fútbol
Jornada 15 (11/12/2016) Real Madrid CF v RC Deportivo
Jornada 16 (18/12/2016) RC Deportivo v Club Atlético Osasuna
Jornada 17 (08/01/2017) RCD Espanyol v RC Deportivo
Jornada 18 (15/01/2017) RC Deportivo v Villarreal CF
Jornada 19 (22/01/2017) UD Las Palmas v RC Deportivo
Jornada 20 (29/01/2017) SD Eibar v RC Deportivo
Jornada 21 (05/02/2017) RC Deportivo v SD Eibar
Jornada 22 (12/02/2017) Athletic Club v RC Deportivo
Jornada 23 (19/02/2017) RC Deportivo v Deportivo Alaves
Jornada 24 (26/02/2017) Leganes v RC Deportivo
Jornada 25 (01/03/2017) RC Deportivo v Atletico Madrid
Jornada 26 (05/03/2017) Sporting Gijon v RC Deportivo
Jornada 27 (12/03/2017) RC Deportivo v FC Barcelona
Jornada 28 (19/03/2017) RC Deportivo v Celta Vigo
Jornada 29 (02/04/2017) Valencia CF v RC Deportivo
Jornada 30 (05/04/2017) RC Deportivo v CF Granada
Jornada 31 (09/04/2017) Sevilla CF v RC Deportivo
Jornada 32 (16/04/2017) RC Deportivo v Malaga
Jornada 33 (23/04/2017) Real Sociedad v RC Deportivo
Jornada 34 (26/04/2017) RC Deportivo v Real Madrid
Jornada 35 (30/04/2017) Osasuna v RC Deportivo
Jornada 36 (07/05/2017) RC Deportivo v Espanol (Riazor Warriors)
Jornada 37 (14/05/2017) Villarreal CF v RC Deportivo
Jornada 38 (21/05/2017) RC Deportivo v Las Palmas

deporik 30-09-2009 22:06

Just Getafe away planned for me :D

I'm hoping to get to maybe another 2 games later in the year but finances will dictate that.

Nice thread btw ;) I'll sticky it.

Michał 30-09-2009 22:24

Not this Ferrari has stolen all my money :D

I'm hoping for European spot for Depor this season and another Euro adventure next season. Unfortunately no other option for me :( Not yet ;)

Fabian 30-09-2009 22:36

I'm prepping for a possible trip to Argentina, but if that fails, a Depor game would be a splendid consolation prize. I'd still prefer a home game though.

Martin 30-09-2009 22:48


Originally Posted by deporik
Just Getafe away planned for me :D

Does that mean we are meeting up and if so where?;)

benea 01-10-2009 09:06

I hope we qualify for Europe and get a Romanian team in the group so I can come to the game :D

ggeorg 01-10-2009 19:58

Home game against Madrid :)

Fabian 01-10-2009 20:45


Originally Posted by ggeorg
Home game against Madrid :)

Really? Because that would be something I might be interested in.

ggeorg 01-10-2009 21:04

You'd better be :)

Diligent 02-10-2009 20:16

Getafe (Away)

Madrid (Home)

deporiginal 02-10-2009 21:13

I'm pretty sure I'll be at Camp Nou for Barca - Depor in april. Maybe even Atletico - Depor and Depor - Santander as well, but that seems unlikely at the moment.

gabi 03-10-2009 20:04

I will be in Barcelona in April to see the match against barca.

Rack 05-10-2009 10:30

Why not tabulate who's going to what game? Then everyone can see at a glance...

ggeorg 05-10-2009 11:29


Originally Posted by Rack
Why not tabulate who's going to what game? Then everyone can see at a glance...

Better now?

Martin 05-10-2009 19:40

George. Great however I would remove the highly posible as these may not been confirmed. When they get confirmed then add the names.

I am not alone in Santander;) There is a young jedi coming. He has yet to post in this thread;)

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