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depor_hk 10-03-2004 11:03

I could like to see monaco in next round!!!
I need revenge :mad: :mad: :mad:

Filip 10-03-2004 11:37

Anybody but NOT ac milan! They play very well this time.
Arsenal not either much, we have too may bad experiences with English teams.
Porto we can beat.

BUT MOST I WOULD LIKE TO SEE SPARTA PRAHA, it's almost in my backyard!!!

Sneglen 10-03-2004 11:46

I think we have a really good chance against anybody really - however I would like to avoid Milan, Arsenal and Madrid/Bayern. Any of the 2 french teams would be a very sweet draw but i also reckon we have an advantage over teams such as Chelsea, Sparta, Lokomotiv. I dont know why everybody in here seems to fear for Porto and eventhough I like they style of play I definitely think we have a better and far more experienced team so bring 'em on as well!!!

All in all I think it is looking good and the rest of Europe better watch - we mean business this year in CL!

Varsh150783 10-03-2004 12:16

Lyon or chelsea ....Chelsea are not orienited at all......They can be thrashed with some good fundoo passing they dont know shit offside trapps....Pandiani rulzzz in such conditions...

XoŠn 10-03-2004 12:42

The easiest would be Lyon...
I wouldn't like to meet Porto (it's my second favourite team ;) )


anuroc 10-03-2004 13:13


Mglavan1 10-03-2004 13:15

any team but not Real/Bayern, Milan, Arsenal.
Depor-Lyon or Depor-Porto

Jorge 10-03-2004 13:48

I think we just need to be very aware of Arsenal and probably Milan, anyone else...


javientes 10-03-2004 13:55

Maybe I am wrong, but I just have this feeling Chelsea will fit us. They aren't used to play such an organised/passing team like Depor.

Secondly the game will probably be on tv here and it's good for the image to defeat a club with that much media attention :D

Depor_Vin 10-03-2004 13:58


Originally Posted by anuroc

I wouldn't mind Chelsea or Arsenal as then I can go see the game!! :D

scoop 10-03-2004 14:09

i dont care who we meet.

but i think well have to meet bayern if they go through.if not maybe monoco or lyon.

i dont want to face monoco again.Last tim we had man U in the group stage and they were manageable then they beat us bad in the quarter final.

caabrego 10-03-2004 14:47


I don't want AC Milan.

anuroc 10-03-2004 15:23


Originally Posted by Depor_Vin

Originally Posted by anuroc

I wouldn't mind Chelsea or Arsenal as then I can go see the game!! :D

We need a hyped team so forget about Lyon (I don't find them so easy anyway). Chelsea and Arsenal are very hyped by the medias but I think Chelsea have more hype than football while Arsenal have as much football as hype :)
So, Chelsea would be easier and our players would be very motivated anyway.

Olli 10-03-2004 15:33

MONACO!!! wouldn't it just be great
to get a revenge! :smileani:
I'd like to avoid RM, AC Milan and Arsenal
Well, we just have to wait and see... :rollani:

Djalminha 10-03-2004 15:44

Many of you say Monaco but I only give them 30% change of getting through cause Lokomotiv played them backwards of the field in the first game. So Monaco will be eliminated.....

Are you folks sure that there are no limitatyions in which team we can meet. In the other years we could not meet a spanish team so.... ????

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