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caabrego 15-02-2021 02:17

Feb-20-2021 | Liga | Matchday 15 | 19h00 | Racing Ferrol 1 - Depor 0 | Match thread
New final, Racing Ferrol is below us and are in relegation.

ggeorg 15-02-2021 10:22

We have 4 games remaining...even with 4 wins (that we can't do) we will not get a top-3 spot.

Unionistas and Zamora have the advantage and Celta-B the best of all having won away to both Zamora and Unionistas the last 2 games :eek:

We have to make the most of these games to keep our current spot.

abdul001 15-02-2021 12:52

we can still make top 3 they are not to win all their matches
we are going to beat celta n Zamora
they may lose form
just believe we can make it

D.TRISTAN 15-02-2021 13:15

Depor has been really poor in away games this season. I think TOP 3 depends on the result against Ferrol and Celta B.

american123 15-02-2021 15:43

I think that if we get 12 out of 12 we will get into the Top 3 but we cannot lose any points with draws or losses. By next Wed (24th) all of the games will be up to date so we will know exactly where we stand with 9 pts left.

heidern 17-02-2021 17:09

The next 2 games are going to define if we will fight for the third spot or if we will fight to avoid a double relegation

ggeorg 18-02-2021 09:33

Celta B won yesterday Guijuelo (that is already relegated) so they have 4pts advantage to us with a game in hand.
Zamora has 2 pts advantage with a game in hand, this game is against the relegated Guijuelo, so probably 5pts advantage.

At this form, overcoming a 5pts deficit in 4 games? Ok, with 4 wins we can do this (we're playing both Zamora and Celta B in those 4 games), but i can't see this coming.

heidern 19-02-2021 18:35

I personally can't see how people can talk about winning 4 games. We barely won against the last team in the league. The team can do it but it's useless to start looking further than the next game. A win will give us hope, but with a defeat or draw we will start talking about avoiding a double relegation

abdul001 20-02-2021 10:30

let us be optimistic
guys we can make it
let us start by beating racing ferrol

american123 20-02-2021 13:35

In the USA, we have a saying for the playoffs that is "survive and advance" That is exactly what we have to do today. It may not be pretty but 3 points keep us alive in the race.

caabrego 20-02-2021 18:21

Racing Ferrol
Diego Rivas – Seoane, Fornos, Jon García, Pumar –Alex López – Pepe Caballé, Elsinho, David Rodríguez, Peñaloza – Joselu.

Lucho García – Bóveda, Mujaid, Borja Granero, Héctor Hernández – Borges, Uche Agbo, Villares – Rai, Rayco, Lara.

Bench: Carlos Abad, Valín, Osede, Salva Ruiz, Álex Bergantiños, Gandoy, Borja Galán, Keko Gontán & Claudio Beauvue


Marko 20-02-2021 19:09

Who is that woman which is constantly commenting the games on the streams? :D

I can't think of any other woman commenting male football games. Or it's just a man with thiner voice? lol

DepHun 20-02-2021 19:26

good corners

Mr Pink 20-02-2021 19:40

We are playing ok, I just don't see where the goals are going to come from.

Riazor warriors 20-02-2021 19:49

Golden chance missed at the end of the half, we improved slightly in the last 15 mins but still not enough opportunities created

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