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Depor_Chile 08-06-2003 02:28

Depor's finances (debt/budget/salaries)
that I read in the internet and the playes have not been paid and they are very worried

What do you think?

Bagsie 08-06-2003 10:57

Fills my mind with worries for my favourite team.

Hope that is not the whole truth.

Leon 08-06-2003 11:08

Deportivo will get a new television deal soon which will lesser some problems. Second, most of this money comes from long term deals. And third, probably we won't escape selling either Tristán or Makaay for a good bag of money...

Depor_Chile 09-06-2003 00:14

yes now Arsenal wants Tristan

Bagsie 09-06-2003 16:57

No way!
I resist that!
I hate Arsenal -almost as much as i dislike Guti.

Juli 09-06-2003 19:38

If depor sells Tristan then we must keep makaay ;)
But i dont think Tristan is going anyware and besides that he isnt going to bring that much money in, so he can better stay, maybe next season its going to be his season. ;)

anyway about the 144 mil debt :eekani:
but im wondering if its true :confused: !!


Navy 09-06-2003 21:10

don't wanna lose tristan and makaay :cry:

Depor_Chile 09-06-2003 23:48

who knows what will happen in the future

CaPDeViLa 07-07-2003 20:06

I think that if we won the liga and the Chmapions League we will be soo rich that we can sign great players and the debt wont be a problem :D

Ivan 07-07-2003 22:36

I think our debts aren't so big.
And also that we will pay our debts soon or maybe next season.
And besides Tristan will not worth as Makaay,because of his poor season which is due to his injuries.And Lendoiro has said that he will never sell both Makaay and Tristan,only one of him.

But I think that we will not sell either one of them.And next season Deportivo will triumph either on La Liga(first place) or in Champions League(at least semi-final).And about Copa we will get it.And then:Come to papa-cash,cash and again cash.So I think that 50 % of that is true and also think that Deportivo can handle that.So don't worry guys.

Depor_Chile 07-07-2003 23:13

I hope that this year Depor do it great in champions league (semi finals at leats) :howler:

darioeiriz 13-07-2003 17:49

There isn´t any "strange" problem economic.

The work in the Football is this. The Deportivo have yours players and yours deals, and the money is fine. There is money to pay and money to be a good Depor.

Of course, Lendoiro is very good Chairman, and for a small city how La Coruña is very difficult have so money how the anothers teams: Madrid, Barecelona, Manchester, Juve etc...

But Deportivo is fine.

Forza Depor !!!

Depor_Chile 13-07-2003 18:48

yeah in that point of view you are right and Lendoiro is A GREAT PRESIDENT

Leon 15-07-2003 20:06

Don't worry... this money is mostly long term loans...

Feliuk 19-11-2004 09:34

Depor's Debt
Depor were €178,149 million in debt for 2002/03. They have reduced this by €24 million. So Depor are now around €154 million in debt. WOW.
I'm sure most of this is medium or long term, but Maybe now people will understand why we cannot buy players.

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