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freakyy 27-10-2005 12:05


Originally Posted by Filip

Originally Posted by freakyy

Originally Posted by Mattias
Honest answer: never heard of them.

Serious? strange...

i never heard about that vandenborre and i'm belgian too :D

Serious? strange... ;)

They are really very talented, vandenborre is a bit like Trabelsi...

Carril 28-10-2005 01:36

Well, all I kno is that Van den Borre is around 17 years old and is a CD/RB? and Vincent Kompany is 19 or 20, plays DM. Both increadible talents from Belgium playing in Anderlecht. Only seen them play against Spain, but mostly kno about the from Championship Manager/Football Manager, my must pickups in the back

secret 29-10-2005 10:31

I heard from Kompany, but Van den Borre?

Xurxo 24-11-2005 14:08

Kompany is a very elegant central defender.
In my opinion he could do it very well as a defensive midfielder too.

But even if he has a certain potential, I think he's overrated in his native Belgium and specially by the Anderlecht-fans.
Heard they hope to get 15-20 million for him. :D

Kenya 24-11-2005 14:29

Vanden Borre certainly has potential but still has a long way to go, Kompany on the other hand is more of the finished article and will go a long way.

Anton 27-11-2005 14:29

i used to try buy them on lma :D and they never would come :D:D:D:D

but seriously i have only seen kompany and he seems quite good!! very good young talent!

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