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Crocodile_Dundee 20-11-2005 20:05


Originally Posted by anuroc
Is Novo still injured?

Yes, I think he'll be back in a couple of weeks though

On this subject the other day someone told me that as a kid he supported Depor, whether its true or not I don't know

Feliuk 20-11-2005 23:04

Possibly as he is from there :)

well actually Ferrol in the province of Coruna, about 40 mins away

AP 21-11-2005 08:13


Originally Posted by Crocodile_Dundee

Originally Posted by rajacasa
celtic samshed rangers 3-0!! :eek:
more comments with croco... :D

They had 3 attempts on goal and scored with the lot but we simply did not take our chances :rolleyes: :cry:

Celtic rocks!!! :D

hari 21-11-2005 17:27

does anybody saw last nights' goal by collins john(fulham) against middlesborough??? i think that will be one of the contender for the goal of the season.... has he played any internationals for holland??

Feliuk 21-11-2005 18:11

For all you Converted Watford fans out there LOL,10400,00.html

Donato 21-11-2005 20:52

I didn't realise Millwall were at the foot of the table!!!

Feliuk 22-11-2005 14:33

They had a terrible start.
They are looking better as far as the future is concerned now.

Adi 23-11-2005 14:20

If Capello became new Real Madrid coach almost all their games will end with the only goal :D

AP 23-11-2005 16:11


Originally Posted by Adi
If Capello became new Real Madrid coach almost all their games will end with the only goal :D

And it will be a MISSED goal!!! :D :D :D

Adi 24-11-2005 22:13

22:13 CET
Zenit - Sevilla 2:1 FT
Espanyol - Palermo 0:1 HT
Next superb performances by spanish teams (after Villarreal, Betis & Real)? :mad: :confused:

BiGG SAM 25-11-2005 08:33

Feliuk i am haby for you ..go go watford ..

i watch some match for him in showtime canal ..

you team have some very good player like yong and king ..and big talent he is name Alhassan Bangura he is younger ..i think he can by very good player in futrue ..

Feliuk 25-11-2005 11:56

Bangura I'm sure will make a good midfielder.His only problem is that he picks up a yellow card every time he plays. :)
He has youthful inexperience,but he is a hell of a tryer

BiGG SAM 25-11-2005 14:18

what abaute Reading ..i dont know how he can by in top :eek:

if you know he have very good player pleas tell me ..i just know sonoko he play in DF and win best player in this month ..

and watford have new talent come from good work in watfor academy ..

player like Junior Osborne he can by big star in england team nesx some years ..i watch some report in TV abaute him ..he play DF but have big skills for DF ..

for me i want see watford ..and Ipswich ..but i know this years Ipswich not come to EPL ..he loss bent for charlton- quji for blackburn ...

Feliuk 25-11-2005 14:25

Reading are on an amazing run, I think they are unbeaten in 22 games!!

Watford's academy is producing very good players
Young as you said is playing really well, but also Doyley,McNamee,Osborne,Diagouraga,Bangura,Mariappa ,Grant and Francis to name the best.

Doyley,Young and McNamee are regular starters with Bangura regularly on the bench and has started a few games.
The rest have played for the 1st team this season at some point.

They also have 2 on loan Bouazza and Hand.

The Academy and 1st team have good training facilities.They are Arsenal's old ones.
When Arsenal built their new facilities a couple of years ago,Watford took them over.


A couple of seasons ago Watford won the Premiership reserve title :) and a few of those players as mentioned have made the grade.
I watched the game they beat West Ham 1-0 in front of 4,000 people :) The 1st title Watford have won in years. LOL
The trophy is the same as the Premiership one but a bit smaller

deporik 25-11-2005 15:42

Reading remind me a bit of Wigan.

They don't have any superstars that really stand out and on paper, they don't really look that great.

However, when they get on grass, they look pretty good and they seem to play very well together.
They've lost once all season (in the league) and that was on the first day of the season against Plymouth.
This weekend they go to.........Plymouth.

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