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Donato 24-10-2004 14:16

happy for you alan...

Feliuk 24-10-2004 15:05

Yes nice one. (although you can't really compare both sides :) )

I was at Watford yesterday very wet and very cold to see Watford come back from 2-0 down in the 65th min to equalise 2-2 v Ipswich :)

alan partridge 24-10-2004 15:12


Originally Posted by Feliuk
(although you can't really compare both sides :) )

very true.

we're above leeds in the table and we beat them. all done even though we have been homeless for 7 years. so, nope, there's no cpmparing the two teams :)

Crocodile_Dundee 25-10-2004 13:11

Yesterday I was at Ibrox for the 150th time and I seen two brilliant goals. The first was a rasper from 20 yards by Nacho Novo (who should be in the Spain squad, bye bye Raul). The second screamer was by Dundee United, a brillaint left footed curling freekick. We are now a million points behind Celtic but we'll still win the league.

AP 26-10-2004 06:45

Yesterday in Russian Premier league the central game of the season. Zenit St. Petersburg played against CSKA Moscow. The winner of this game would become the leader of the league and the main contender for the title.
CSKA played better. Rolan Gusev scored on 12th minute. Then Zenit tried to take the initiative but Moscow players were very careful and intent. In the 2nd half young Zenit boys got tired and missed two more goals (68th and 90th minutes). My main impression of the match: CSKA looked very quality and well-organized team. Zenit isn't ready to become champion yet.
CSKA won 3-0 and now has 55 pts after 27 games. The pursuers are Lokomotiv Moscow (52 pts) and Zenit St. Petersburg (50 pts). So CSKA Moscow seems to gain title for the 2nd time at a run.

P.S. I don't like CSKA. But I do respect the team. Especially I don't like Valery Gazzaev (head coach). After the triumphal game a TV reporter came to Gazzaev to ask him some questions. Gazaev pretended he can't see that guy and passed by. Then the reporter asked Zenit coach Vlastimil Petrzela about small interview. Petrzela was very disappointed by the result but answered all the questions. What can I say? Feel the difference. It's a level of culture and ethics. It's modern European coach who respects his team's supporters. Gazzaev, shame on you!

Feliuk 28-10-2004 12:57

Watford are through to the last 16 of the English League cup (NOT FA cup) :)

Burnley v Tottenham
Nottingham Forest v Fulham
Newcastle v Chelsea
Liverpool v Middlesbrough
Watford v Southampton
Manchester United v Crystal Palace
Arsenal v Everton
Cardiff v Portsmouth

Donato 28-10-2004 13:12

good draw for you feliuk...

AP 29-10-2004 08:21


Originally Posted by AP
Yesterday in Russian Premier league the central game of the season. Zenit St. Petersburg played against CSKA Moscow.

A photo from this game... :rollani:

P.S. Does anyone know former Spartak Moscow coach Oleg Romantsev? He is back on the bench! Dinamo Moscow hired Romantsev as their head coach!

P.P.S. Dinamo Moscow is famous Russian club. The best gaolkeeper ever Lev Yashin in 1960s played for Dinamo. Now the club is in crisis - 14th place in the League of 16.

Feliuk 29-10-2004 08:35

The Black Panther, yes one of the best ever.

AP 29-10-2004 08:49


Originally Posted by Feliuk
The Black Panther, yes one of the best ever.

I hardly guess what you meant... :rollani: I thought: "Romantsev?.. Black Panther?... Hmm..." :D

Yes, Yashin was great... :proud:

Crocodile_Dundee 29-10-2004 15:45

Celtic 2-3 Aberdeen :howler: :howler: :howler:
Dunfermline 1-2 Rangers :D :D :D

I don't know what is going on this year with the Scottish Premier League because most of the matches have been entertaining and teams are taking points of the Old Firm. I'm going to wake up soon and find that their still winning 5-0 every week.

hari 30-10-2004 19:12

manutd lost to portsmouth(0-2)... very pleasant news...

Donato 31-10-2004 02:11


deporik 31-10-2004 11:51

After a 49 game unbeaten run, Arsenal were only 1 minute away from losing 2 games in a week. Unfortunately, Van Persie equalised with 15 seconds left against Southampton (who were 19th in the table).

HasanTristan 01-11-2004 15:23

Mark my words. Robin van Persie will be one of the best players around in a couple of years from now.
At the moment he is a bit of an enfant terrible, but that will change as he will grow into a more serious personality.
He has a superb technique and great ball handling.
He will be the next Bergkamp or even better.

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