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caabrego 01-04-2007 23:25

08 April 2007: Deportivo - Nastic (pre-game comments)
No big history against Nastic. Just two games in Riazor:

1948-1949 ---> DEPOR 6 -- GIMNASTIC 2
1949-1950 ---> DEPOR 1 -- GIMNASTIC 0

Campano, one of their best player is suspended because he was sent off today.

scoop 02-04-2007 02:34

another 48/49 result plz

vlada 02-04-2007 03:49

And what now, is this a 'must win' game or not?? ;)

Paul 02-04-2007 06:25

Not just a 'must-win' game, more like our 'duty' to beat this team! :D

freakyy 02-04-2007 07:58

I think Depor is almost done in Spain. They wont relegate and they also wont get to the Uefa this way. Just let some talents play and focus on the copa!

This one Depor should win anyway. Just try something new Capa!

hari 02-04-2007 09:18

Riki and Adrian upfront or Ariz+adrian upfront.. also give Verdu and 'tibu' a chance on the wings and Cristian to play upfront..

DepHun 02-04-2007 09:48

I hope Adrian will receive a spot in the starting 11, and play 90 minutes (with Ariz). No Riki, please!

javientes 02-04-2007 11:43

I read that Ruben Castro can only play if Gimnastic pays Depor € 150.000
I guess we won't see him this game :D

p.s. Matellán won't play either, he saw the fifth yellow card this season against Recreativo

caabrego 02-04-2007 14:13

Neither Juan Rodríguez, our player saw his fifth yellow card on the season.

The DK Blanquiazul 02-04-2007 14:27

We gotta win this game, but also try some new forward combinations. Adrian-Cristian or Rivera-Adrian later in the game would be interesting.

Scary 02-04-2007 15:35

Players like Pablo Álvarez, Rivera or Iago may appear in this match...

We can´t blame Riki, how do u want him to score if he never receives a ball??

deporiginal 02-04-2007 15:42


Originally Posted by Scary
Players like Pablo Álvarez, Rivera or Iago may appear in this match...

We can´t blame Riki, how do u want him to score if he never receives a ball??

We can blame him for all the rest that he f*cks up though.

I wouldn't put too many new guys on the pitch. One guy, sure; two guys, perhaps; but not three new guys. These are the games in which Depor has always faced trouble. Well, actually we have troubles in every game. I'd put Adrian as a striker, and use Pablo Alvarez instead of Estoyanoff. Iago and Rivera should be on the bench though, perhaps we can use them later in the game.

Barkoty 02-04-2007 17:25

We'll get the 3 pts easily(:I wish:) IMO. I'm sure that Capa will play with Adrian up front, and Arizmendi next to him. We can expect some youngsters like Iago in the starting 11...

scoop 02-04-2007 20:05

tell sergio, riki and estoyanoff to beat it! i dont care who else plays once those three dont start im happy. lendoiro can even go put on a jersey

freakyy 02-04-2007 20:15

Damn, support your club instead of blaming players ALL THE TIME. It really gets annoying. Of course it is fair to critiseze players etc. but not in every post in every topic -_-

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