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Sultan 01-08-2014 22:16

today my local club just signed Hernane Vidal de Souza, 27 years, the top scorer of the Brazilian league for 4.5 M Euros! he's the winner of the golden boot in Brazil last season.

The guy is a goal machine and he was nominated to join Brazil in the last cup but the coach didn't call him up. compared him to Fred and Jo before the world cup and his numbers are much better.

Interesting enough he will be coached by Galician coach Raul Caneda. I'm happy to have a Galician to coach our team.

these are the pages of coach and striker. On Thursday we play the super cup as we are the winner of both league and cup.

DepHun 04-08-2014 18:48

Marko, are you all right?:rolleyes:

Marko 05-08-2014 12:49


Originally Posted by DepHun
Marko, are you all right?:rolleyes:

Yup, I'm ok :)

For the ones who don't know what are you talking about:

Warning there are some ugly pictures and videos!

The police in our country continues with the battle against our group. Actually the government continue their battle against us.
Macedonia is like North Korea at the moment, every media is on the side of the leader political party, the ones that are critisizing their politics are "changing their minds" in the next period or they are going to jail (and at some cases there were suspicious car accidents where journalists were losing their lifes). The government is doing whatever they like, there are no jobs for the young people, so every second people on age between 18 and 28 year is going outiside of Macedonia.
People acting like idiots to get some respect in the political parties so they can find a job.
After having everything under control in our country, it was a turn for the ultras groups like the ones that can "destroy" their dirty politics.
They control every biger group in Macedonia except Komiti.
They tried milion ways to control us, still nothing.
We get cash penalties for everything, got beaten several times by the police for no reason, we were even not allowed to go on our home matches for some period and we get closed doors on every away match too.

So the Macedonian league started like we expected.
I don't know if there exist a country where the away fans can enter on the stadium 40 minutes after the start of the match. It's happening only in Macedonia. We are usually stoped on the begining of the city where we are playing as guests and waiting for the match to start and then we are allowed to enter in the city and on the stadiums.

Look at the stadium where the BIGEST Macedonian derby was played: &type=3&theater
here you can see some pictures of the "stadium"...

The football federation firstly didn't give them permision to play on the stadium, but than as always they let every club to play on their stadiums even if except the stadium in Skopje, none of the others should get a "green light".

As always on the matches where there are two ultras groups, the guests are leaving the stadium early :confused:
Once again only in Macedonia there is such kind of practice.
And there the ACAB get a chance to beat us.
First it's against every rule to travel 5 hours, to pay for tickets and the police to let you watch only from 40-th till 85-th minute of the game...:confused:
Still we are leaving the stadium, but they wanted to make us leave faster which is IMPOSSIBLE cause the door is so small that only 1-2 people can leave at the same time.
As always they started to punch our members to make them leave faster and in all that chaos some of the policemans "loosed" his shock bomb which came to one of our members and explode on the stand causing many injuries.
What's next?
THERE WAS ONLY ONE AMBULANCE FOR 5000 audience on the stadium. There was noone to give help on our members on the stands, also the doors of the stand were locked...

In every normal country the ministry of defence should take the responsability, but not in our country.
The police gave their own video where they make to look like our member still the shock bomb from policeman. Even if that's true (which it isn't) what are those kind of policemans that let someone to stole their weapons?
Imagine there are many policemans that are beating you in a very small area, and you have time to stole some of the shock bombs from thei uniform lol I didn't know we had superman in our group.
There is their false video.
There is the video that show that he find the shock bomb on the land...

There are many questions like why were they having shock bombs anyway?
They take examples from countries where ultras groups have big fights which ends with dead people, but in Macedonia there weren't any incidents of that kind in the past 30 years...

Is it normal?

I don't know another country where among the fans insteed of stewards there are policemans (special forces) armed with many weapons...

On the end our member will lose some of his fingers, HE WILL GET CASH PENALTY and all the guilty for the incident, many of our members are arested even if there wasn't even a single incident during the game, probably traveling on the away matches will be forbiden, and they will think the problem will be solved...

The stadiums will stay empty, the football will be junk as always etc.

There is another story from the first round of the championship.
On other match, snake get on the field:

DepHun 06-08-2014 18:02

I love this stadium. :D

deporiginal 08-08-2014 10:11

Waregem is already out of Europe after last week's humiliation at home against Soligorsk (something like that :D ).

It was a strange game, one where really everything went against us. First our most important player hits his head against a teammate and is carried off with a concussion. Then their first chance goes in. So did their second chance... Then just before half-time, we finally manage to score and you think we'll still get an interesting second half... But a minute later our goal scorer gets sent off for a silly foul, and in injury time they somehow score a third. The drama continued in the second half and the final score was 2-5, in a game where Soligorsk had 5 half chances, almost no possession, and were constantly inferior to Waregem.

Yesterday Waregem had already given up and could only muster a 2-2 draw in Belarus. Last week's match kinda reminded me of Depor - Aalborg (1-3) 6 years ago. Depor seemed to be in total control, scores a few minutes before half-time, but somehow ends up going into the dressing room losing 1-3.

ggeorg 08-08-2014 10:20

Legia that completely outclassed Celtic both inside and outside the field by 6-1 in total is out due to their bad relation with Uefa, or according to Uefa for fielding an ineligible player for the last 5min of the second leg.

deporik 08-08-2014 10:54

Bad admin maybe from Legia but still, there is no way that 5 mins made any difference to a 6-1 mauling over 180 minutes. Ridiculous decision in my opinion. Maybe fine them or warn them that if it happens again they could face stiffer sanctions but to throw them out is utterly ridiculous

Iztok 08-08-2014 13:11

Maribor plays Celtic for the CL
Legia fans showing support for Maribor :D

DepHun 08-08-2014 17:54

Firstly I want to express, that Legia-utras are among my 3 most disliked groups.
Secondly I want to express, that I support all their reaction on this decision. All.
Thirdly this is a nice example once again, when West does not need East. Thanks Rik for the nice sentences, but I can just refer to our years long debates with you and Greg, that these things happens only to Eastern teams.
Of course everyone knows, that this is just a reaction from UEFA in their war against Legia and traditional football supporting:

If fair-plays mean anything for Celtic, they withdraw. But we know how they voted in case of Rangers...

deporiginal 08-08-2014 19:24

Last year when Legia lost in some Europa League game, a bunch of crazy Legia hooligans here in Ghent destroyed an entire bar, for no apparent reason.

If this happens to a team with normal fans, perhaps then I could feel sorry for them. Now I just think, "good riddance," even if they've beaten Celtic fair and square. No matter what part of Europe they're from.

Quite stupid to field an ineligible player for the final few minutes of an official game by the way. If a club like Feyenoord (a West-European team...) did the same, they'd be out of the cup as well. Don't poke the bear.

DepHun 10-08-2014 13:01

I wrote I hat., sorry I dislike them. They do that everywhere even adding right- winger politics to that.
The case is not over yet, as according to UEFA, the crime of Legia was that they did not name the ineligible Bereszynski for the 3 previous CL games, so he did not spend his suspension, while according to Legia naming an ineligible player to a match would be crazy and that should be punished.

Adi 14-08-2014 07:01

Hahaha - polish fans has stolen a flag of Sevilla :)

Crocodile_Dundee 15-08-2014 17:20

Vamos Maribor!!:D

deporiginal 17-08-2014 12:02

DepHun, I'm pretty sure Köteles will be starting again for Genk next week... :D

DepHun 19-08-2014 17:57


Originally Posted by deporiginal
DepHun, I'm pretty sure Köteles will be starting again for Genk next week... :D


within a week ETO lost both rivalry matches that are important, so the season is over for me in August.:mad: fighting for 8-11th spot with historyless, fanless and un-interesting teams is so usual in the last 25 years, that I don't care any more. at least I can focus on Depor.:D

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