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Originally Posted by Diligent
The structure from Benjamin's to Juveniles is the system at the Academy. In my opinion as a club of this size you will never produce fantastic amount of talent through to the Ist team for a couple of reasons. Firstly, of a club of our size cannot compete with clubs in Spain like Real Madrid and Barcelona. I think at a press conference the other day Fran admired the Manchester City setup. This club is dripping in money, and someone can correct me, but didn't they poached a player from Abegondo (maybe Angelino) and found jobs for his parents. Sadly this is the struggle the club is up against. Secondly, I would love many more locals playing in the first team, but the reality is we will go through peaks and troughs regarding the Academy. For sure, we can make it better, but I think we're kidding ourselves in the presence of global monsters in modern football, where any teenager can be brought any price.

The returns will be modest from Academy in my opinion, but the real investment is the Deportivismo, from an early age, with the likes of the Summer Camps for example.

I agree with the camps. I know they opened up a camp in Miami a few years ago but only lasted a year after relegation from Primera. As you see from the Galicia Youth national teams, most top players in Galicia still play for Depor or Celta.

Most big teams will offer parents jobs and now we definitely cannot do that with our financial situation and Coruņa is not a big metro like other big cities in Europe. The only thing we can give to players is minutes. Kids now do not remember the Super Depor era or seeing them play in the Champions League but they will go somewhere where they can play or get exposure. For many of them, the UEFA Youth League is the big draw and it is tough to compete with that. I'd like for Fran to look at the Bundesliga who seem to play 17-20 year olds on a consistent basis every week as subs. I agree that most top players will leave regardless but we have to reward those who have potential in that 17-20 range. Was Valin that much worse than Simon/Boveda or Gandoy than Vicente? Would Hugo Novoa have stayed another year or 2 if he knew he would get to debut at Riazor as a sub at 16 or 17? IMO, it is much easier to sell an 18-21 player with "potential" than a 22-25 who has a lot of first team matches already as well. Look back at some of the offers that players like David Rochela, Bicho, Xisco, amd Insua had when they first played with the first team. None of them turned out to be superstars but the idea of a U19 player getting first team minutes excites other teams. As for next year, I hope JuanRo, Valin, Aaron Sanchez and Gandoy (if he stays) all are given the opportunity to be starters along with the debuts of players like Peke, Alberto, and Martin Ochoa.
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