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Default IMPORTANT: Transition

The website should disappear on May 25 and it includes the forum, but knowing GoDaddy and their errors who knows if we stay for another year

Here's what we are going to do. I will post news on the website until next Monday, May 10. Until that day I will be active in this forum too.

And from there:

1- There will be a Facebook private group
It's called
Over there you can make comments during the games and share links to watch the matches, so it will be like the match threads on here. Since it's private it will be safe to share links. I already invited people, but if you want to be part send me your name and I will invite you.

2- About how to be informed.
We are going to post news of the club via reddit. You don't need to be a member of the group and neither of reddit to read, but if you want to comment, then you need to have an account at reddit.

3- Social media
We will still informing fans as always through

Now have in mind that this Facebook is a PUBLIC group with the purpose of keeping people up to date and is different from the private group.
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