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The day has come, 26.5...

I wanted to check if the website is still online and to share my last post I guess.
All the best to all of the members that were making this forum great in these years. I wasn't part of the forum at the best years of Depor, but I got all the worst parts of the team history.
I was checking the website almost every day.
Finally I'm in financial position to visit La Coruna and meet some of the members, but the luck wasn't on my side. First, the situation in Depor, then the coronavirus.
I hope that one day I'll meet some of you, especially my "neghbours" Georg, DepHun and Vlada. Vlada, I apologize for some "fights" that we had in the forum, I was young and stupid

I'll mention the moment when I got my PENA membership card and the t-shirt Deportivismo. Great joy, very emotional moment for me.

All the best my friends, I hope we will find a way to continue with our discussions in the future.

Напред Депортиво!
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