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Filip is an unknown quantity at this point

Personally I dont know Reddit - apart from that it exists - and I stopped using FB and social media altogether.
I come to read 2-3 times a week but more often than not that's even a higher frequency than new posts being found I don't post anymore -almost- because I don't have the time and I dont know the actual team anymore. My last post was 'take over deportivo' and that's still more or less something I can stand behind, but time is escaping me right now.

The site: there are two parts. Articles and Forum. What is more valuable? IMO the articles. This could eventually run somewhere at a much lower price, but true is that the technology behind that site is old-fashioned and not very secure anymore. What about exporting the content into a new frame, like Wordpress? If so, I can keep it running on my server most probably.
But that's only a valid question if Carlos wants to keep doing this and writing articles.

The forum is another matter. It's pretty huge, I imagine. Can someone tell me the size of the forum on the server, and eventually also the size of the site without forum?
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