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Originally Posted by caabrego
Teresa Margarita Herrera y Posada was a woman from La Coruña (born on 10 November, 1712) who dedicated nothing less than 36 years of her life to the poor. The house were she lived was situated on Cordonería street and among her neighbours she became known as Teresa dos Demos. This was because they thought she was a witch as she always went on her knees to the San Nicolás Church to pray. This already shows her very religious character.

She and her nine brothers lost their father when Teresa was still very young, and her mother had to raise all of them on her own. Seven of the boys did not live to become an adult. Teresa Herrera, who later on took care of her mother, personally cared for a disabled woman. In her own home she also looked after some other woman from the street.

Her dream always was to build a hospital in La Coruña which would take care of the poor. This wish was to be fulfilled when she was 79-years old as the first stone of the new hospital (Hospital de Dolores) was laid in 1791. She died on 22 October of the same year.

The tournament Deportivo organizes every summer, which until 2000 was done by the city, is named after her and is dubbed "the most prestigious tournament in the world" since 1946. Deportivo have won the Trofeo Teresa Herrera 13 times (in 1955, 1962, 1964, 1969, 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2000-2007), more than any club. Real Madrid have won it 8 times, second only to Deportivo.

Spot on.

The trophy summit came in the Eighties when 30,000 people were going through the turnstiles on each of the 3 days in order to watch the likes of Roma, Vasco da gama, Dinamo Kiev, Man Utd or Porto.

Depor were not taking part in any of the editions from the decade as they were in the second division.
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