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Originally Posted by ggeorg
which opens a debate on the home-grown players, the players that feel the shield and all this nonsense that we like to believe
Celta had the ideal team for this, full of Celtistas, 80% home grown players, but players with tremendous quality among them (Aspas, Denis Suarez, Santi Mina, Rafinha...). They were one goal away of the relegation.
Granada on the other hand, a team full of loanies and mercenaries, got a European spot
The truth is that smaller clubs cannot think beyond one season. Even if we end up building a strong team through youthful homegrown players, they could potentially leave after one good season. What we need is a good academy system that can produce high quality players consistently. I realise that is also unrealistic in the short term. Essentially the only way to survive is to get a sugar daddy. That aint happening anytime soon either.
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