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Originally Posted by QueSalsaLuque
no i dont think so but there are some romaniens players who will fit well in Depor now!!! Chivu And Mutu they are great players!!

Im from Denmark and hmm does 4-2 says something to you hehe (Romanien - Denmark)

4-2 no..but 5-2 yeah... that was a sad day in the romanian defence...gravesen 50 yards lob..contra own was a disaster!

but not to worry Romania still has a chance and i have a feeling that chances will come our way this time....cuz seriously i think we can beat denmark in copenhagen but itl be up to the coach to play the players in their right fukkin positions cuz our coach is a retard he plays players out of position just to 'surprise' the opisition...what a fuking moron

in any case it sucks that deportivo didnt ever have any romanians...and i would love to see Mutu, chivu, Contra, Radoi or the new romanian star Bratu play for Depor...but Depor doesnt really go look for talents in the east so i doubt that Romanians at Depor will happen any time soon...and we cant really afford the Romanian stars like chivu mutu contra
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