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Default franchising football clubs

just wondered if any of you lot know about the story of wimbledon football club. to read the details of the story go here

in short though, the football league of england allowed wimbledon to relocate to another town 60 miles away from wimbledon. a group of fans, after the decision was made, set up their own club in the name of wimbledon who now play in non league english football and regularly draw big crowds.

anyway, today was a sad chapter in english football as franchise utd played their first game. the only good thing, they are bottom of the first division.

the english football leage is probably too big, with over 92 pro clubs but the love people feel for their lower league clubs is just as strong as the man u and real madrid fans of this world. what am i talking about, it is far stronger, and because of this many clubs who really should be dead as businesses today are still going. i should know i support one of these clubs. the fans saved it. nowhere in europe are lower league teams followed as much as in england and the fact that this 'new' club played for the first time today in their new ground is a depressing day for football.

as i said though, they are bottom of div 1. their crowd was small for their first 'home' game. and all other clubs hate them already.

check it out, see what you think
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