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I’ve been a manager of Depor fan club in my country for about 10 years. With my experience, using a stable and popular format would be helpful for both directors and members. has been so helpful for me before I don’t understand any Spanish. But I think it’s time to let this site go.

1. Current site has many server problems which directors can’t control. Also this costs too much to keep. Reddit can make you and directors free from those issues. You all have family, job but there’s too much sacrifice here.

2. Current site is too old-styled. Reddit is easy to post, easy to read and provides an optimized view for both computer and smartphone.

I’ve always hoped members can leave a comment in articles directly, not via the fan forum. Reddit can solve this and members will be more active.

3. Reddit is populous format. So it could help new fans come in and old fans come back in a long term.

Respect to caabrego and other directors here. Hope everything goes well.

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