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Thanks for the comments

Originally Posted by Filip
The site: there are two parts. Articles and Forum. What is more valuable? IMO the articles. This could eventually run somewhere at a much lower price, but true is that the technology behind that site is old-fashioned and not very secure anymore. What about exporting the content into a new frame, like Wordpress? If so, I can keep it running on my server most probably.
But that's only a valid question if Carlos wants to keep doing this and writing articles.

The forum is another matter. It's pretty huge, I imagine. Can someone tell me the size of the forum on the server, and eventually also the size of the site without forum?
To be honest I am feeling discouraged to continue writing stuff, just watch today’s game and you end up pissed and not wanting to do it. Also, the fact that not many people read the stuff makes you wonder why you do it in the first place.

About the forum, I think it’s like the triple of space compered to the website. I tried to check in GoDaddy but that feature wasn’t working when I entered (surprise )
But you can erase old posts and substantially reduce the space.
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