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I think that reddit is a better option. But my opinion could be biased because I don't use any social media for news reading. Reddit is simple, content could be created by anyone willing to do it. It's discussion structure is clearly better than FB or IG. Including possible memes, images, topics of our faded glory. It's something not very appropriate to a serious forum, but could help international Depor community to stay alive and survive these dark times.
Carlos you have done an enormous job throughout the years, i can understand it's impossible to be keeping on like this (with the articles), but the articles could be reduced to a shorter form (like an extended zapping
Totally agree with the amount of work, it's something just beyond my comprehension. I think it's possible to analyse which articles are more popular and which are not. For example, I always read reviews of game and Fabril's game, but doesn't interested at all in Female team news (only read something like season results).
And about the rest of the site - it's totally understandable decision, maybe it will be worth to save a domain for some years, put it on parking tariffs and just put a redirection link to wherever platfrom will be chosen.
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