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Originally Posted by Michał
I was totally against Copa back to the games against Osasuna, but now I think we should think more about it. If we knock out Cordoba we will face Almeria/Mallorca (4:3) in the quarterfinal of which both are definitely doable. Then a bit of luck in the semifinal and we can play in the final and this way receive Euro-ticket, even if we loose. OK, I know that for now it sounds like a never-happening fairy tale, but well - it is possible

Vamos Depor!
I agree. Of course, beating Almeria or Mallorca won't be easy, and I wouldn't even be surprised if we go out tomorrow. I don't quite trust Manu. Either way, for us to haven the slightest of chances to get somewhere, Barca needs to be out of this cup by the semi-finals. Bilbao is honestly our only hope now. Getafe knocked out Barca before, but I don't see that happening again this year. And honestly, Depor doesn't stand a chance to knock out Barca. Let's just hope we get extremely lucky in this cup
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