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BiGG SAM is off the scale

when i sad i hate munch i mean i want see new team win bundsliga like shalke or leverkoson or hertabut bersnaly i like him ..ever not mean he bad team or bad fan no ..he is big club in Euro and world
have big player balack -makaay- khan- elc elc and big talent like
Schweinsteiger ..fantastic talent ..why depor dont have talent like him lendoro

podloski too ..this 2player can be in big team in italy of spain or england if he want win 3best player in world some day ..

becusea balaak 2002 can be 3best player in world but because he dont have big fan in world and big tv show like anuther league ..

i hope munch win UCL this years too know all peauple germany league not bad like what he think ..

in 1997 i think bundsliga best league in world thats years ..
and 2001 too ..from last match from free kick munch win liga not leverkosn ..

@aldoduscher dear why you watch bindsliga if you dont love any team i think you love 1team but he play in liga 2
maybe bochom i dont know how he dwon ??
before 2season he finsh in 6 but when he loss olyese for dortmund and frier for leverkoson he dwon

m zidan ..fantastic talent ..
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