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I thought the team put in a decent shift last night. Like Carlos, I'm not a fan of Lotina but I credit him with having the guts to change the formation last night. Even though it didn't work, I'm not levelling any criticism at him on this occasion.

I saw spirit in the team, even when we went 0-1 down. We kept going even if we didn't create a serious threat at Barca's goal. In other games, we pack our bags if we go 0-1 down. The quality of our players and our transition from defence to attack are well documented problems for us and you just know those things are going to count against you when you play against the very best.

My disappointments were Lopo, JD, Desma & Saul. On the plus side, Perez's two crossfield passes of about 45 yards to a teammate. With better players around him, this guy is gonna be some player.
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