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Medunjanin: "For the first time this season we're training well. The new coach has a much more professional plan and it shows."

Ouch Harsh criticism towards VF. And this coming from a guy who, up until now, has always had the decency of being honest about his own poor performances.

The man should've been sacked a lot sooner. Also goes to show you that not many players were behind VF in the end. Honestly, I never saw them running up to VF or anything... Seemed like a cold relationship, with most players.

He also said the following, among other things: "Before we only played as individuals. If one of us managed to force something, we scored. If not, nothing happened. Now we have a plan, everyone has his role on the pitch and we all know what to do now. The team is well placed now, so we don't have to run as much."

He actually said plenty of other stuff. Especially that last part struck me as interesting. It's what's been frustrating me so much, and it's the main reason the team ends exhausted every game. We don't play as a unit, the lines are much too far apart, and as a result, the players had to run like crazy to close the gaps, and we end up exhausted in the second half. There was no plan, no strategy. I'm actually glad one of the players has the guts to say it.

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