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Ok, so I guess as one of the very few defenders of VF in his time here I shouldn't chicken out of this discussion

I have praised him a lot, especially at the beginning of the year when we were starting to play better than I had seen from Depor in a long, long time. I still stand by all of those things. In those games we played pretty much as well as a team of our quality can do with a passing/possession/pressure based game. Of course it was never a pure possession game as the top teams do it (not even them a lot of the time though) which I would think is pretty much impossible with our players, especially the CBs we have. Just remind yourselves, I wasn't the only one who praised at that time, even the harshest critics at least liked what we did there.

So considering that, I don't think it's fair to interpret Haris' statement to mean that everything was just horrible before, as he did in fact clarify, kind of. A lot of the things we did in ALL of our games and especially the ones during our best spell simply CANNOT be done with the kind of coach you all imagine him to be. I really don't feel like going through tactical examples again but there have been many positive statements from players towards VF as well, especially in the pre-season and then later on by MP, Alex and a couple of others too. Every coach in a critical situation has his supporters and 'enemies' in a squad of 25.

Now, I agree that Haris has always seemed like a genuine guy and if he says these things, I'm sure he has a reason to feel that way. It is impossible for any of us to know better than the players what goes on in training, and I am not saying that VF doesn't have all kind of other defects that we as fans can't know about or that VSdA isn't better tactically (that remains to be seen though). The truth is that at some point our good development stopped, although even in our worst games the tactical base was still there, we just didn't manage to execute it well enough anymore to be successful. Is that because of VF's capabilities as a coach? Could be, I don't know.

What I do know plays a part in it is that our environment dramatically deteriorated again, and I don't think most of you give recognition to just how hard it is to perform under such circumstances. Teams with environments like this and a squad like ours usually end last by a long shot. So let's at least have the decency to respect him for leaving us outside the relegation zone and not simply laugh this off. I for one was happy to have a coach who was MUCH better than FV, MUCH better than Oltra, and to me certainly better than Lotina and Caparrós. If teams don't have a plan when having the ball, it looks like us under Vázquez. I know plenty of these outdated coaches like FV from the past 15 years in Germany, I know what that looks like when absolutely basic things are simply not trained. At all. With VF this was not the case. Let's not act like it's all the same when there is quite simply a huge difference.

Haris only has the comparison of VF to VSdA. Players like Álex, Laure, JD have played their entire careers under the likes of FV, Oltra and Lotina. For them VF was their first actual teacher of how to play football and it showed at least in the case of Álex.
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