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Default Conduct in the min-by-min threads (please read)

With the teams result being as poor as they have been, despair and negative comments is a natural byproduct. And that is of course ok, we encourage you to express your opinions on this forum - whatever they may be.

What's NOT ok however, is some of the language that has been continually used in the min-by-min threads. This is a forum which is meant to be suitable for people of all ages, and nobody should be exposed to unecessary and unreasonably harsh material just to maintain a healthy (or unhealthy) interest in all things Depor.

What I'm specifically referring to is the abusing and blatant circumventing of the word filter that is seemingly becoming more and more common. On this forum we have chosen to block out certaing words that are deemed inappropriate, and by this point most of us should know what they are. What that means is that if you write them, the letters showing on the board will be replaced with asterisks, like this *****. That means this word isn't allowed, and that you should try to express yourself in another way. It does not mean that you should try to cleverly tweak your word by replacing certain letters, like this:
or this; C*lta
or even this: C****.

I realize that tensions run high during matches, and the natural speed of a minute by minute thread leaves less room for afterthought. It's also true that this rule has been generally ignored , and that most of us has been guilty of a few transgressions in the past. It has however been almost a norm this season, and it needs to stop.

I will not single anybody out, just think about if this is something you might have been doing, and try to change your behaviour. Anybody breaking this rule from now on will receive personal warnings.

If you have opinions on the words that are banned, or any other part of the forum rules, you are welcome to contact myself or any other Mod, and the matter will be discussed.

Sincerely, officer Krupke.
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