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surprisingly, I was not really against the whole super league thing. just to add more, I would easily accept a central-european league, a mediterran league, a jugoslav league.

Slavia is still unbeaten in CZ at the end of April, Ferencváros has 1 loss in Hun, RB Salzburg won the last 8 Austrian leagues, Dinamo Z. won 14 of the last 15 Croat league, in the last 30 years except a strange team and a strange year only Partizan and Zvezda won the Serbian league, Ludogorec won the last 9 Bul champs, Maribor rules in Slovenija. These teams dont have competition at home. Why would it be that bad if some of these teams enter in a Central European or Balkan/Adria League (except the security risk )? I support always small teams, but dont you think we just wanna pull down the big ones onto our lower level?

Also I could easily imagine a Dutch-Belgian combined league.
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