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well,this match was charactirised as a special one for two reasons:firstly,it would be a chance for de guzman brothers to face each other in a european competition.Unfortunately,we wont have the chance to watch them fighting because Julian is injured,and will stay out for about 3 weeks,i think(personnaly i don't really care about anything exept that we wil miss such an important player for a very crucial much).Secondly,it wil be the return of Roy Makaay at the riazor....i think that will be a really strange situation,watching him trying to score against Depor(!!!)of course,i am sure that the crowd will thank him for all that gived to us in the past...
For the match,i don't think so that is there any positive result for us exept the win.I think we wont have many troubles against a bad,slow team that loses easily without any strong reaction.
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