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Default Depor Predictions 2020/21

Welcome to the new season of DEPOR PREDICTION, the first one (and hopefully the last) at Segunda B.

The objective of the game is: To guess the score and pick the scorers for both sides, accumulate your points and climb up the standings (and win promotion ).

Our current champion is... Vatex

You can find the 2019/2020 tournament here:

Here are the rules to score points:
1) Correct side to win/lose: 8pts; Both sides to draw: 9pts
2) Correct margin of victory (draws not included): 7pts (bonus)
3) Correct score: 25pts (Rules 1 and 2 do not apply)
4) Correct players to score (MID/FWD per goal): 6pts
5) Defender/GK who scores (per goal): 8pts
6) Predicting 3 goals or more for Depor or the opposition more than what the teams actually scores: -5pts per goal (penalty)
7) For taking part: 5pts
8) For the league games against Pontevedra, Racing Ferrol and Celta B, the score of each participator will count as DOUBLE. This means that if you scored 8 points your final count will be 8X2=16.

Special Rules:
1) Submit prediction of scores and scorers for both sides before match kickoff, you can edit them until that time.(Note - Any predictions made once KO has started will be deemed void)
2) Submit names of players who you think will score. If you think a player will score twice, please write his name twice or indicate 2 or something like that. Likewise for hat-tricks and scoring 4 goals and above.
3) The reason for Rule 6 is to discourage predicting big scores. If you predict Depor to win 5-0 but they only draw 0-0, you will lose 15 points. If Depor win 1-0, you will lose 10 points.
4) We will play with the matches at Segunda B and all the games in Copa del Rey.
5) Only registered users can take part.
6) For Cup games which go into extra-time, the scores will be taken from the end of the 120mins but will not include Pen shoot-outs. Therefore, if Depor won a game 2-1 a.e.t in the second leg of a Cup match which made the scores 3-3 on aggregate, it would not matter for the result who won the Pen shoot out because Depor would be credited with a 2-1 win.
7) Only one prediction per game from any user. If you are making another different prediction, either use an edit OR make sure you say that you want your first disregarded. You can delete your initial post but it must be before KO or it will be counted as another prediction. (And I can see what time posts are deleted )
8) The season will end after the last league game of Depor, predictions will continue if Depor reach further stages.

Hopefully many of you will join this game, also you can join anytime.

If you have Questions, you can post them here or PM me.
Good luck!

Game 1

Deportivo v Salamanca (Sunday 18th, 19:00)

EDIT (26th Oct): Modified Segunda to Segunda B in Special Rule 4
Depor supporter from Hungary

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