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Originally Posted by George Mitsou
They have been extremely generous for weeks, handing gifts to Levante, us, Malaga, perhaps even Racing. So I guess tonight it was Sporting’s turn, right? Not to mention that Hercules has probably every right to issue a formal complaint, being the only relegation threatened club missing this “preferential treatment”…

It needed like 10 minutes from the ref’s first whistle for everybody to understand that it was Villareal’s shadow again out there tonight. With their typical “relaxed” attitude, as a member of this forum elegantly described it, in the minute - by - minute thread of our match against them, a month ago. Having played a demanding midweek game in the Europa League (with another ahead) can hardly provide an excuse. An ambitious, mature team is expected to effectively deal with this situation, control the match while saving energy. At least seriously try towards that direction. Which isn’t Villareal’s case. Yet. I’ve said it more than once, Garido has done much to change their fate (without damaging their philosophy and style) but it will take time to permanently influence their mentality…

It’s hard to describe what we witnessed in the Madrigal tonight. Where a 10-man (since 66’) hard working Sporting enjoyed the initiative throughout 2nd half, with the ball being played basically in Villareal’s half. With a goal behind (a gift from their GK to Rossi), naturally under pressure, they failed in their final moves, hitting the post in 78’. At the same time, Villareal seemed like an amateurish team, hardly recognizable, with concentration below zero. Unable to change the fate of the game, playing with fire for 90 minutes. Which is normal: It’s a statistical fact, when you enter the pitch with such a mindset, very rarely will you be able to correct things in the process. The break usually provides the last chance, once again Garido wasted it. Either he doesn’t understand the problem or (most likely?) “invests” long term. Being overprotective towards his players short term, expecting the team to eventually mature in time. Even so, his decisions made things worse. Clumsy Wakaso’s presence contributed to further confusion, guiding Valero out of the central midfield area led to a total loss of control. For which Villareal were punished in injury time, following a dubious penalty decision. At that moment, the visitors had 9 men on the pitch (after another -straight- red in 90’)…

A shameful performance (due to a totally unprofessional approach) leading to the worst possible scenario: For them, missing a clear opportunity to close the gap with Valencia. For us, with a direct rival saving a point against a better team away…

i watched the game & the ref after giving 2 red cards 2 Gijon,he gave sporting Gijon a gift & maybe a lesson to Villarreal that i was amazed with their performance in Europa League...
But u know wt's funny ? the home match in Gijon the opposite happened Castro scored 1st in 69 & Rossi equalized in loss time (same result,same scorers)

in the other match Sevilla played a great match especially in the 2nd half..they had many chances which is rare vs Barca... (1-1) 5 points different again
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