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Originally Posted by ggeorg
They're trying to make it a bit "prof", but in a way that it will exclude "surprise" or "small" teams, as for example that the stadiums should have at least 4k capacity (from 2023).

Coruxo for example will never reach this tier, no matter they have a good squad for a few seasons in a row.

Thanks for the information George, I was wondering the other day just how this league would look like. After last weekends result which was hugely damaging IMO, I can't see us finishing in the top now. I hope the team can prove me wrong.

As a lover of Non League football here in the UK, this development shocks me. For club's like Coruxo will not advance any further up the league pyramid saddens me. It would interesting to see how many Galician club's have a capacity over 4,000

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