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I am on the same boat as Filip for social media and usage of the site.

For the forum, I can suggest to spin up a self managed instance of discourse. For the size of this community, a $5/month Digital Ocean droplet should be enough.
Setting it up should be a breeze, but exporting the existing posts might be challenging because the current forum runs a very old version of vBulletin and there might not be enough documentation on how to do so.
I'm willing to take care of the setup and the costs in the case of lack of donations. Carlos: if this is something you agree with, then we can discuss details.

When it comes to the articles, there are many possibilities but the range of cost and ease of use/maintenance vary. The ideal setup would be to have a headless CMS to edit/store the articles and light weight statically generated site. I think it would be helpful to know more about the current setup to see if there are parts the can be reused/migrated easily. It is possible to go free or very low cost but it really impacts how the articles would be edited.
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