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I understand the decision even if it's preety hard for me to accept it.
I'm not posting very often, but I read the site and the forum every day. It's clear that the discussion lost it's quality and the number of active people, but situation at the club is dictating the tempo. Most of the new generations haven't even heard of Deportivo, it's impossible that somebody outside of Galicia will cheer for Deportivo, not to mention the passion that we (who whitnessed the biggest succeeses in the club's history) are having.
It's been a great pleasure to be part of this forum through the years, reading and being part of whole this forum threads. Pitty that I'm coming from a country with low standard and it's almost impossible for me to donate help financially.
Whatever you'll decide I'll try to follow you on another social media. I don't have any experience in reddit site, but I'll try to be active even if we move there. It will be very hard to find any information for Depor matches especially that Depor fan sites are only on Spanish which make things worse.
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