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Deportivo Discuss Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña here: its history, matches, Riazor etc.

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Old 11-11-2019, 21:26   #1

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Default Our Depor

dearest forum members and fellow depor fans....whoever of you are still wonder round here...

I want to express a couple of thoughts during this time of darkness and pessimism around.
First of all Depor is shit, sorry to say this, but we know that...and next season we might be in segunda b, ok? end of rant


Let for one moment to remember why you are still here...This forum is alive for 15-16yrs...why? let your memory to reply this, if not, i will help you...
Most around here came during or after a golden period, very rarely seen for such small clubs. What we have lived was a gift, very few fans in the world can have this. No Real Madrid or Barca fan have ever felt what we felt during those golden champions league nights, because they are built to win the champions league and la liga...for deportivo winning la liga was a miracle.

Deportivo of those days, have given us so much, we must be grateful for the rest of our lives.

But is it only this? We lived the euphoria and now the dream is over?
No isn't just the champions league glory. Being a deportivista is much more, and we should know this.

We have built a community in this forum...some came here as kids, now they are in their 30's, other came in their 30's are closing their 50's...we passed so many things together, we might never think of this, because we don't know each other personally....but if we think what we have been through together all these years, 100's of min by min threads every Sunday, frustration, further frustration, relegations, further frustration (ok, some good moments from time to time ) that make us a family.

For some privileged ones, this family, extended in real life, having being met in real life, arranging trips to go and see depor, i had even had the privilege to travel with Kalman to Mallorca and watch the play off game in a bar, because we couldn't get a ticket.
Some even more privileged ones (and at this moment, i wish each one of you would have the chance to travel to Coruna at least once) have been to Coruna itself...
They have seen in real life that there is indeed a football stadium next to the ocean...the beauty of the estadio next to playa Riazor...who cares if depor play at 5th division, this beauty is unparalleled...
because the beauty of Galicia is unparalleled....ask the privileged Galicians in this forum for this.
I was talking with a Spanish friend of mine, he told me in Spain only the Galicians are that much "orgullosos" about everything Galician...they believe they have the best land on earth, the best seaside, the best landscape, the best food (and obviously the best football club i would add ).

Galicia is special, La Coruna is special, Deportivo is special.

Deportivo has a more than 100yr history...has lived in primera, has lived in segunda, great moments, tough moments, but all moments are special...
When i got in the forum, my fav depor moment was the liga title and the Milan game...Now if you ask me, none of them. The Lassad goal vs Celta at segunda and the 2-2 at Camp Nou that i lived from inside. Both moments where there was no Djalminha, no Tristan, no magic...A mediocre-average Depor, segunda level, but so what? Emotions were un-describable and such emotions will come again as well.
The best may haven't arrived yet and this could even be a moment where we survive the relegation in segunda b, a moment where we might promote form segunda b or just a moment where a local lad scores at balaidos and kisses the badge.

Depor's greatness will always be there and we will be there as well. As we will still be there at those awful and dark moments we are are going to live in the next months/years.

Because if not for anything else, we owe this to Depor. We owe to Depor for those moments of Arsenio and Irureta and Fran and Djalminha and Valeron.
We owe this to La Coruna and Galicia the land and its people that have been so generous and hospitable to us that we don't even speak Spanish, but they made us family.

For this we will be here, hopeful, hopeless, no matter what, we will be here, next to our Depor through good, bad, whatever, we will be here next to depor, por siempre!

forza depor my friends.

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Riazor warriors
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Thanks george, i agree that Depor brought us a lot of joy over the years, Coruna is beautiful and Riazor is a nice stadium.

I know this time is tough for any Depor fan, and this is a new low for all of us, struggling to win a match in Segunda is something i never imagined 14 years ago!

For me i'll always follow Depor even if they go down to Tercera (not sure how i will watch them if they do) but if i wanted to change or stop following i would do it long time ago!
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Old 12-11-2019, 00:46   #3
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Absolutely, George.

I became a real fan in 1991-1992 and never missed a week at least checking the results. In that pre-internet time I had to travel downtown to some betting office to check the results of the week if I missed them another way; good times

I'll never forget the mega lollipop whenever we played Barca.

Djalminha will be always my favorite, even more than Bebeto.
I liked that era with the almost-title a lot more than the era with the title and all the second and third places, but I surely it was great to see us as a Spanish and European powerhouse!

I admit that 'after the fall' (last years of Tristan) until today I follow Real Madrid much more, I do need the joy of winning and attractive football, that I can't find at Depor anymore. But no hair on my head would ever think about joining a RM forum or similarly. I have only one team in my heart and that's Depor of course. The rest is entertainment only.
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Old 12-11-2019, 10:29   #4
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Thanks george, great words.
I will be always with Depor even in Trecera, the glory will come back one day.
I still love you
Now, more than ever
Forza Depor!
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Old 12-11-2019, 13:02   #5
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Nice one ggeorg!

I've been fortunate that I have been following Depor since 1998, so I have been able to witness (mostly from afar) all of our success.

I have also been lucky that I missed all of those years that we spent in Segunda. Although we have had a hard time of it over the last 8 years, its nothing compared to all the years spent as a regular Segunda team.

Depor/Coruna/Galicia is in my blood and my two sons, so no matter what happens, I will never switch allegiances.

Forza Depor!
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Old 12-11-2019, 16:53   #6

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siempre Deportivo!!
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I no longer care about the "beautyfull" game because it no longer is that I don't think there is a sport more corrupte then this one its no longer just about 22 men kicking a ball the Barcelona PSG game a few years back convinced my even more I know I just sound butt hurt (witch I am) but not they have the VAR now and things just seem to get even worse referee mistake are ever more clear now and nothing gets done look at the Belgium pro liga the VAR has been a joke ever since they started it. For my its starting to become more a reminder of how cruel and unfair life is on every level football often was an escape to forget about life struggles but not its more the same I know this all sound childish but it just is and yes A coruna is verry nice cirty.
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Thanks ggeorg for the wonderful post.

I've followed Depor since the mid 90's, in the pre internet/social media days. Firstly, picking the result in the national newspapers at the weekends, then following them live on Teletext (younger members here might not what this lol). Since those days my link with the club, the city and Galicia has grown stronger and stronger. This year was my 20th anniversary of my first visit to the city, and even today I am blown away by the hospitality of the locals.

On the pitch we are experiencing some dark days and they might get darker in the coming months ahead before we see some light at the end of the tunnel. We've all witnessed wonderful football over the years, but at this moment in time maybe you could get more excited watching paint dry with this version of Depor. However, I've yet to see a tin of paint in the colours of Blue and White.

Whatever ride this rollercoaster takes us in the coming months, we have to stick with the club through thick and thin, as football mirrors life in many ways.

Keep the faith.

Sempre Depor!

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Thanks ggeorg for the heads up.

I remember that glorious day at Old Traford when we won 2-3 and this is my fresher memory and the game that made me a Depor fan. I was just at age of 12 at the time, but how strong Depor was to made a small boy a lifetime fan.

We (deporivismo) are suffering a lot now because it has been too much of a downfall for the past few years and when better days come along our way it will be even sweeter than before.

Forza Depor.
Don't see the problems, see the decisions!
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Old 13-11-2019, 13:25   #10
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Sorry guys I am out. I am switching to Celta....just kidding I am not that desperate.

I started supporting Depor when I was like 9 or 10 years old. I will be 29 next year. This year I was fortunate enough to attend a match at the riazor. It was an amazing experience. Now that I am living in Spain I was really looking forward to seeing a few primera matches should Depor get promoted. Well life is a real B**ch, we are now bottom of Segunda.

But, like everything else, this too shall pass. I am with Depor no matter what!!
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haha, some brilliant post there from Greece.

well, I can't believe we are going down. if nothing else, the FA is gonna save us with the help of the referees.
atletico = asesinos. I am Jimmy!
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Old 18-11-2019, 07:17   #12
lottery loverat
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I’m still around.
Things are looking bleak but it’s all part of the fan experience. It won’t be this bad only seems that way.
Chins up.
Arsenal was my first Depor experience here’s hoping there’s a “replay”.

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Old 19-11-2019, 10:48   #13
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i have supported Depor for more then two decades and will never stop. That is a promise and I keep them.
The time is dark, sometimes I can't even force myself to watch the game, but the heart is with Depor. What we need is a team with identity, we all know that the local boys aaren't represented well, but they shine elsewhere. We need to focus on the core - Acedemy. Easier sad then done - but at least a shift toward producing youngs and forming a long term contracts with selected players from elsewhere should be the base. We need to survive this year, but if we don't become a team that is able to make a shift toward a young telenet producing and grooming team we will be gone. This is reality for a team like ours. Let's look forward - let's find a solution.
Depor para sempre.
Proud supporter of Deportivo la Coruna and Slovenia national football team
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Marci 14
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Thanks ggerog what an inspiring post! Exactly what all Depor fans require nowadays.
I'm supporting Depor since my childhood, although I don't now even a single spanish word. Also it's such a beauty to have a strong international fan base here, hope all of you keep up as the most difficult time is still ahead of us.
Depor supporter from Hungary
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Old 21-11-2019, 19:32   #15
Diego Tristan
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your absolutely right!!! I´m living now in a city with so much football clubs and everyone always asks me River o Boca? And i´m saying deportivista blanquiazul and they?Que cosa?(What for a thing) and i explain to them. My first game at the riazor we got humillnated by the blancos and our great keeper tyton 2:6. But i love the city of coruña and that beautiful blue stadium and all the things about it.

When it was halftime at the game i came back with a starbucks coffee in my hand and entered the door and i just saw the freekick situation and said you won´t do it your ****ing ******* and then he scored you can imagine how i was feeling

I will always stay depor fan doesn´t matter if fifth or first league

Please enjoy:

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