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16 Apr 2012
Epic Galician derby at Balaídos; Depor had a two-goal advantage at the start of the second part, but a courageous Celta pushed for the equalizer, though in the end a lethal Deportivo clinched the three points with a last-minute goal.

Oltra presented the expected formation for the Galician derby; Dani Aranzubia was at the goal, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ performed at the right-back position, the left sector at defense was for Paraguayan Claudio Morel, while the central spots were for Argentine Diego Colotto and Portuguese Ze Castro.

Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders; Mexican Andrés Guardado attacked from the left wing, Portuguese Bruno Gama did it from the right, Valerón was the playmaker in the formation and Riki the central attacker.

At RC Celta, coach Paco Herrera was presenting two novelties in his 4-2-3-1 draw; the first was that Yoel Rodriguez was returning to defend the goal, the other was that Joan Tomas was the starting playmaker leaving Mario Bermejo on the bench. The attacking line was completed with the presence of Quique De Lucas, Fabián Orellana and Iago Aspas. The lethal quartet of Celta.

There were incidents before the game; the police fight back the aggression of some local fans that were throwing bottles and other objects; fortunately there wasn’t any report of wounded people. The referee also stopped the game for some minutes during the first part as Guardado was throwing a corner-kick, this after someone threw a lighter and a bottle.

The Galician derby didn’t disappoint after a great first part; Celta dominated, harassing the goal of the visitors and always having the ball possession, but it just completed one shot on target in this half, and Deportivo just needed one attempt to clinch an early lead.

The emotional charge in the first minutes was high; Celta was having the ball possession and was playing close to the area of Aranzubia, but Deportivo surprised scoring the first goal in the game during its first approximation. It was combination of Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez in which this last one drilled the ball into the area leaving Riki alone before Yoel, and the Madrilenian scored his 12th goal on this season with a chipping attempt that crossed the keeper.

The reaction of Celta was to increase its pressure over Deportivo; the locals had the ball possession and harassed the goal of Aranzubia, attacking with continuous crosses coming from both sides and several combinations at the edge of the area. Still, their first clear chance came until minute 13 and it was a deflection of Colotto that Aranzubia cleared.

The second approximation of Depor in the game came at minute 18, Riki assisted Juan Dominguez inside the area and the centre midfielder tried to score from the right corner of the six-yard-box, but his attempt hit the net by the outside.

At minute 24, Guardado threw a free-kick at the edge of the area and Colotto headed the ball on target, but his attempt went directly into the path of Yoel. Celta responded with a cross of De Lucas, but it was too easy for Aranzubia.

Celta was giving everything and pushed hardly in attack, but in the first half they just completed one shot on target; meanwhile Depor wasn’t having the ball possession, but it was having more effectiveness up front; the third shot on target of the Galicians was a great play of Riki inside the area that ended with a strong shot that was stopped by Yoel (23’).

The only shot on target of Celta came at minute 31; it was a solo-play of Orellana at the edge of the area that ended with the Chilean firing before Aranzubia, but Depor’s keeper made the save. In the next play Iago Aspas headed the ball wide after a cross coming from the left.

Riki was pretty active in attack, but he had to leave the game after forty minutes after picking a muscular problem on his right thigh as he was running chasing the ball; there was an incident with this situation, because the Madrilenian spent five minutes on the ground, but referee Miranda Torres didn’t allow the doctors to enter and even booked the player. In the end Lassad replaced him. The heat environment erased the football from the ground within the last ten minutes, because there was more protest than passes.

The best of the Galician derby came out in the second part; Depor struck again and clinched a two-goal advantage, but the virtues of Celta allowed a deserved equalizer clinched in fifteen minutes, and just at the last minute Los Blanquiazules scored the goal that meant a shocking victory for Oltra’s side.

Football returned to Balaídos at the start of the second part; there were two clear chances within the first five minutes. The first was a combination of Juan Dominguez and Valerón that ended with a strong shot of Guardado that was hardly cleared by Yoel (47’).

Celta responded with a combinative play at the edge of the area that ended with Orellana shooting from the six-yard-box, Aranzubia deflected the ball and Iago Aspas headed the ball on target, but Morel was at the goal line to clear the danger. Then Paco Herrera ordered the first substitution and Mario Bermejo entered for Joan Tomas.

At minute 53, Guardado had a new chance to score, it was a cross of Bruno Gama that he found at the edge of the area, the Mexican released a crossed header that Yoel cleared to corner-kick. Three minutes later a long combinative play ended with Laure shooting from the right side of the area, but his attempt was cleared to corner-kick.

It was the best moment in the game for Depor, and the visitors seized it scoring the second goal; a distraction at defense after a long clearance of Deportivo’s defense allowed Guardado to drill the ball between two defenders and into the path of Lassad, who scored the goal with an accurate shot placed at the left post of Yoel.

Immediately Oltra ordered the second substitution and Borja Fernandez entered for Valerón, a change that was trying to secure the ball at midfield, however the Galician centre midfield was going to be determinant at both areas as he was involved in two of the last three goals saw in the game.

Celta didn’t surrender and pushed for the first goal; there was a clear attempt with a shot of Mario Bermejo that Aranzubia hardly deflected (63’). And the deserved goal for Celta arrived soon; it was a chipping pass of Álex López that found Quique De Lucas inside the area, he was backwards the goal, but Ze Castro was too slow in the mark and allowed the move of the ex-Espanyol  player, who whipped around a shot and scored a goal that brought hope to the locals. It’s his ninth goal in liga.

Then, Bruno Gama picked a knock on his right knee during an attack for Deportivo; he was standing up, but Oltra decided to replace him with Manuel Pablo. The move meant to put an extra defender on the right side, helping Laure to cover that side of the pitch. The defensive changes of the Valencian coach meant to see Depor ending the game locked at its side of the pitch.

After Celta’s goal the game returned into the same point witnessed at the start, because Depor was suffering, while Celta was pushing up front, though missing the same freshness of the first act. Still, Los Celtiñas picked a deserved equalizer in a free-kick committed by Borja at the right corner of the area; De Lucas threw a strong shot that was firstly deflected by Aranzubia, the loose ball was headed on target by substitute David Rodriguez, again Depor’s goalie made the save, but he couldn’t do anything before another substitute, David Catalá, who just had to push the ball in from the six-yard-box.

It seemed that David Rodriguez and Catalá were offside, but both players were in a good position. The stadium celebrated the deserved reward and everyone was expecting to see a launched Celta searching for the victory, but the locals were extremely tired and players like Orellana and Álex López were barely standing up on the pitch.

And Deportivo again seized a distraction in defense to sentence the game, and perhaps also the promotion, there was a foul committed over Lassad at the edge of the area, Guardado threw the free-kick releasing a high cross into the far post, Colotto, as always, was there to head the ball on target, his crossed header hit the crossbar with Yoel desperately falling into the ground as he was trying to clear the danger, and the loose ball was found by Borja Fernandez, who redeemed himself from the foul that caused the equalizer scoring his second goal on the season with a crossing header.

The 3,000 Depor’s fans at the stadium jumped at the stands and celebrated the goal, the whole team, including the bench, celebrated embracing Borja, and there was no time for more as the goal was scored during the stoppage time.

Epical battle for the supremacy in Galicia and at Segunda División; Depor suffered before a willful Celta, but still Los Blanquiazules had a two-goal advantage after 60 minutes, Los Celtiñas never surrendered and pushed until reaching a deserved equalizer, and just when the match seemed destined to end in a draw, Borja found a loose ball to score the winning goal. A mortal blow that approaches Primera División.

Depor is now more leader than ever before, ten points over Celta and keeping the eight-point difference over Real Valladolid, side that’s the new second place at Liga Adelante. On next Sunday, Deportivo returns to the Riazor in order to meet Elche CF (12h00 CET), another rival fighting for the promotion.

Celta: (4-2-3-1) Yoel - Hugo Mallo (Catalá 75’), Sanjurjo, Túñez, Roberto Lago - Borja Oubiña, Álex López - De Lucas; Joan Tomas (Bermejo 51’), Orellana - Iago Aspas (David Rodríguez 67’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Ze Castro, Morel – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama (Manuel Pablo 75’), Valerón (Borja 63’), Guardado – Riki (Lassad 38’)
Goals: 0-1: (2’) Riki, 0-2: (61’) Lassad, 1-2: (68’) De Lucas, 2-2: (82’) Catalá, 2-3: (90+1’) Borja
Referee David Miranda Torres. He showed yellow card to Riki (38’), De Lucas (40’), Morel (40’), Bustos (43’), Ze Castro (76’), Juan Dominguez (78’) and Orellana (78’).
Venue: Balaídos  (30,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (58% - 42%); Attempts to score (12 – 10); Total shots (22 - 13); Shots on target (8 - 7); Saves by the keepers (4 - 5); Corner-kicks  (6 - 5); Offsides (1 - 3); Fouls committed (12 - 13); Accuracy in the passes (82.60% - 73.38%)




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