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05 Aug 2020
The game Deportivo Vs. CF Fuenlabrada has been now postponed in two different opportunities. La Liga and the Madrilenian club wanted to play on Wednesday, then the game was moved to Friday as both realized that Depor had enough players to play the game.

The circus of La Liga with the game Deportivo Vs. CF Fuenlabrada has lived an embarrassing chapter on this week. After the initial postponement due to the COVID-19 cases that struck CF Fuenlabrada, nothing was said for a week, until on July 26, there was a curious communicate from the Madrilenian club in which they accepted to renounce to participate in the playoffs.

Just one hour later La Liga was accepting this and “thanked” the club for this gesture. According to Deportivo’s president, Fernando Vidal, the Galician club interpreted that the pending game wasn’t going to be played, therefore the players were allowed to start their holiday.

But things changed in matter of hours, CF Fuenlabrada changed the speech and urgently tried to book the game as soon as possible. La Liga followed the same path and pressed the Competition Committee. The following unusual thing was to receive from La Liga a request to make the COVID-19 PCR tests to the players, this happened on Sunday.

It was unusual, because the game with CF Fuenlabrada wasn’t even authorized by the Competition Committee. The club sent a letter to La Liga refusing to pass the tests as these must be made 48 hours before a game. La Liga accepted to cancel the tests, but then sent a second letter saying that now the tests must be made on Tuesday.

Then on Monday the Competition Committee decided to fix the game for Wednesday. Deportivo didn’t like thee hurries and the lawyers believes that something strange was going on, but they decided to accept it as to skip the match could end causing major legal problems.

At the same time, the club sent on Monday’s night a letter to La Liga requesting to delay the game to Friday or Saturday, the reason was the short window gave to both clubs in order to prepare the game, actually several rules were broken by booking the game so fast, including that the referees must be notified 72 hours before about their nomination for a game, and in this case the game was fixed with only 48 hours of anticipation.

The response of La Liga was a new letter that Vidal described as “too hard”. According to the president, La Liga was furious and asked why Depor didn’t have a team ready if the game was still pending, the LFP even described the attitude of the Galicians as “negligent”.

Then the club started to call all the players, and on Tuesday thirteen men attended to Abegondo and underwent the COVID-19 tests (Dani Giménez, Jovanović, Víctor Mollejo, Hugo Vallejo, Ager Aketxe, Sabin Merino, Vicente Gómez, Eneko Bóveda, Uche Agbo, Juan Rodríguez, Yago Gandoy & Michele Somma).
Then a new turn, it was known that CF Fuelabrada haven’t booked any flight to A Coruña for Tuesday or Wednesday, and La Liga ended sending a request to postpone the game to Friday. In a matter of 24 hours, the attitude of the LFP was totally opposite, from accusing Deportivo on not been ready to play on Wednesday, to openly ask for a delay to Friday. 

What the club suspects, this according to what Vidal said on Tuesday, is that La Liga was trying to surprise Deportivo and force them forfeit the game, and as soon as they realized that they had enough men to compete, then they decided to change the strategy.




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