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16 Nov 2020
Fabril rescued a point at the end. After a first half full of errors and goals, the second part witnessed a Fabril that was mentally blocked and found the goal in their only shot on target, just seconds before the final whistle.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón lost Juan Rodríguez for the game. The centre-back was training with the first team during the week, and on Friday he picked a hamstring injury working with Fabril. Raúl Pescador was the other player out injured. The coach made several changes at the lineup, but he kept playing with a 4-2-3-1 figure.

Alberto Sánchez was the starting keeper, Israel Pérez covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Iñigo Reinoso, David Suárez and Álvaro Yuste played at the centre of the defence. Famoussa Kanouté and Diego Villares were the midfielders, Javi Sánchez attacked from the right wing, Rayco Rodriguez did it from the left, Javi Sanmartín was the playmaker and Adri Castro was the centre forward.

Only one point within the last two games, but the draw tested like sugar to Fabril as it happened at the end of the meeting and just when the team was mentally blocked. The game had two very different parts, in the first Depor’s lads committed errors and five goals were witnessed. In the second Fabril had the ball, but the only shot on target came at the last second and it was enough to add a point.

The game started with Fabril having the ball possession, it was a calm start as the visiting team was moving the ball in defence and later was waiting to find a crack at the local defence. The first approximation for Depor’s lads was a cross of Villares that Rayco missed by inches inside the box (4’).

But Racing Villalbés surprised as it was going to score in their first opportunity. A corner-kick on the left was deflected twice inside the area, and Santi Gegunde found he ball to score with a semi acrobatic shot from close range. The whole defence failed to clear the danger at the near post.

Fabril lasted some minutes in reacting, their first shot on target was a header of that was an easy catch for local goalie Javi Rumbo (16’). And only one minute later the equalizer arrived. It was a great goal for the technique used by Rayo Rodríguez. Javi Sánchez released a cross from the right and Rayco chipped the ball over the keeper using the chest.

The visiting side was dominating the actions, but then a new distraction defending the aerial game cost the second goal. Yuste was booked for committing a foul at midfield, and from the there the goal arrived. A long cross put the ball into the edge of the area, it never cleared by the defence and once again it reached the path of Santi Gegunde, who scored his second in the game through a low shot. Alberto could have done better as the ball passed close to his body.

And once again Fabril only lasted some minutes in reacting. The tie was close to arrive in a corner-kick in which Yuste headed the ball on target, but it was cleared by a defender (34’). And two minutes later, Fabril tied the actions again.

It was a play on the left wing, after a combination with Iñigo Reinoso, Javi Sánchez released a precise cross and Diego Villarres arrived before the keeper and scored with a crossed shot. The visiting side was close to score the third goal at minute 37, Adri Castro fought until the end for the ball at the left side of the area and released a cross that Javi Sánchez found at the box, but his shot went wide.

And when break was about to arrive, then Villalbés was awarded with a doubtful penalty. The locals were trying to release a cross from the left side of the area through Ángel Fernández, Kanouté tried to clear the ball and he touched it, but the referee whistled the penalty. Perhaps for the spectacular dive from Fabril’s player, but the true is that he never touched the rival. Javi Varela scored from the spot despite Alberto barely touched the ball with the fingers.

Fabril started the second part with the mission of pushing in attack. Their first opportunity was a direct free-kick of Rayco in which the ball went close to the crossbar (52’). That pressure wasn’t effective because the visiting outfit was missing too many passes in the offensive transitions, so despite having the ball, the locals weren’t suffering.

Actually, they were close to score the fourth goal. It was a cross from the left that Javi Varela met at the box, his downward headed was saved by Alberto (63’). Then Javi Sánchez was replaced, the winger suffered a couple of fouls and had an injury in the hand, Álex Pérez entered for him.

By minute 70, Fabril were smashing into a wall again and again, so Valerón ordered two new changes. Victor Guedes and Álex Barba replaced Javi Sanmartín and Kanouté.  Nothing changed and the team wasn’t completing shots on target.

By the end of the meeting it was clear that Fabril had a mental block. Then Juan Cambón replaced Villares and the striker was going to score the equalizer, and like the first goal of Fabril, it was a beauty. At the last minute of the added time, Yuste released a high cross from midfield, the ball reached the path of Cambón, who was at the left corner of the box, he touched the ball with the chest, it bounced once on the grass and then released a strong shot that hit the crossbar and that ended at the back of the net.

Racing Villalbés: (4-2-3-1) Rumbo – Diego López, Verdes (Diego Muiña 89’), Caballero, Buyo - Jose Varela, Make - Javi Varela, Ángel Fernández (Jose Castro76’), Gegunde (Francisco Sanda 76’) – Pedrosa (Cuadrado 65’).
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Alberto – Isra Pérez, David Suárez, Yuste, Reinoso – Kanouté (Guedes 74’), Villares (Cambón 85’) – Javi Sánchez (Álex Pérez 65’), Javi Sanmartín (Alex Barba 74’), Rayco – Adri Castro
Goals: 1-0: (7’) Gegunde, 1-1: (18’) Rayco, 2-1: (26’) Gegunde, 2-2: (37’) Villares, 3-2: (44’) Javi Varela (penalty), 3-3: (90+3’) Cambón
Referee: Miguel Ángel Castro. He showed yellow card to Yuste (25’), Adri Castro (33’), Gegunde (41’), Kanouté (43’), Javi Sanmartín (43’), Bruno Caballero (44’) & Pedrosa (56’).
Venue: A Magdalena




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