Deportivo La Coruna Official Crest FOUNDED: 1906
CLUB CREST: Crown followed by Galician flag and Sala Calvet

Plaza de Pontevedra 19, 1º, 15003 A Coruña
TELEPHONE: 981 259 500 Fax: 981 265 919

Avenida da Mariña 17, Baixo 15003 A Coruña
TELEPHONE: +34 981 229 410 Fax: +34 981 229 444

PRESIDENT: Augusto César Lendoiro
COACH: Miguel Ángel Lotina


1. What are Depor's nickname(s)?
Los Turcos (Spanish)/Os Turcos (Galician), Blanquiazules (Spanish)/Branquiazuis (Galician), SuperDepor

2. Why are there Turkish flags in the Riazor stadium?
Other supporters, especially those from Vigo, call Deportivo supporters "Turcos" to insult them. But the Riazor Blues section have taken this name with pride and therefore show Turkish flags during matches.

3. What do "Real" and "Club Deportivo" mean?
"Real Club Deportivo" means "Royal Sporting Association." So Deportivo are a 'royal' club next to clubs like Real Madrid, Real Mallorca, Real Sociedad, and others.

4. Why is the Depor hometown called both "La Coruña" and "A Coruña?"
The town is called 'A Coruña' in Galician language, and it is the native name. It is the only official and legal name. However, in the Spanish language, it is traditionally called 'La Coruña'. Since Spanish has a wider influence worldwide than Galician, the "La Coruña" term has therefore become more widespread.

That is also why Depor is also both called "Deportivo da Coruña" (in Galician) and "Deportivo de la Coruña" (in Spanish).

5. What is Depor's mascot?
Depor never had a mascot.

6. What is the stadium named after?
The Riazor beach in A Coruña.

7. Who are Depor's rivals and why?
Celta Vigo, the other Galician team. Both players and supporters have harsh confrontations during derby matches. Real Madrid and Barcelona are also rivals of Deportivo, but mainly because they're the biggest clubs around.

8. Why doesn't Depor sign the rich and famous players?
Depor was deep in lower leagues until 1991 and the club's finances aren't that great yet. Depor have always tried to make profitable deals, signing players for the lowest price possible, practicing a strict wage policy. Therefore signing a star player would ruin the salary structure with every player wanting a pay rise.

9. Which famous players played for Depor in the past?
Bebeto, Beguiristain, César Sampaio, Djukic, Flávio Conceiçao, Hadji, Luizão, Manjarín, Martín Vázquez, Pauleta, Rivaldo, Fran and Mauro Silva.

10. What are the "Riazor Blues"?
The "Riazor Blues" were an official Depor fan club whose members attended Depor matches regularly. They disbanded in October 2003 because they felt that too many of their members were hiding among them to avoid taking responsibility for their individual football violence.

So "Riazor Blues" was an official term to denote members of that fan club, and is not used for any other Depor fan/player/club official.

11. What are "socios"?
A "socio" is a supporter who is an official member of the club. Some of them pay more to become season-ticket holders, but for lower tariffs one can be a socio who enjoys (for example) lesser free matches. If you want to be a "socio", visit Depor's official site.
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