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12 Dec 2008
David Rochela has been considered since a couple of years ago as the main promise at Depor’s youth system, it’s usual to see him playing with the young national teams and was finalist with Spain in the last U-17 FIFA World Cup. Now he’s living a transition period, firstly because he’s debuting with Deportivo B and secondly because he has been reconverted into a defensive midfielder.

Everybody was expecting the debut of David Rochela at Deportivo B, because it would mean the last step on his progression at Depor’s youth system and the previous move before his final arrival to the first squad. After passing through all the young national squads at Spain (U15, U16, U17, U20) and after playing the last final in the U-17 FIFA World Cup, the As Pontes-born youngster was promoted from Juvenil A during the summer and at the age of 18, a surprising thing taking in mind that the major part of his team mates at the B squad are above the 20’s.

But there was a special agenda waiting for him at Fabril, and it’s that the coaches at the club were thinking in a reconversion, more specifically in moving him from the centre of the defence to midfield. The reason of this was to take advantage of his height (181 cm) and his skills to pass the ball. Actually coach Miguel Angel Devesa (Deportivo Juvenil A) already have tested Rochela in that position when the youngster was at Juvenil A, this during the Copa Del Rey Juvenil of the season 2006/2007. Depor lost that series with Valencia Juvenil, but Rochela left a positive impression in his new role.

No matter the success of that test, the reconversion of Rochela was extremely risky, firstly because he did it when he was fulfilling his debuting campaign in a new category, and secondly because Fabril was facing a delicate situation when coach Tito Ramallo tried it. And the true is that everything worked well, Rochela has had a solid performance since he debuted in his new function at matchday 10 (2-1 win over Sporting B) and Depor B has started to add positive results, something that has carried the squad outside of the drop zone. Curiously, the day of his debut in midfield marked the day in which Fabril won its first match on the season.

This reconversion reminds to the one of Alex Berganti?±os, the ex-captain of the B squad currently loaned at CD X?©rez. He also started as a central defender playing at Juveniles and was moved with good results to midfield during his stage at the B squad. The same Rochela has been tested in other positions on the past, but without good results, this after he was tested as a right-back defender at Depor’s Juveniles and even as a striker when he was at As Pontes.

Now all appoints that Rochela will stay in midfield and that he will continue his career there, however the question is if the national coach of the Spain’s U-20 squad, I?±aki Sanz, will keep him as a central defender or if he will follow the transition of Depor’s big diamond for the near future.


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