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12 Nov 2011
Former winger Víctor Sánchez Del Amo is one of the two men that have scored a hat-trick in a Galician derby; he was interviewed by newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and talked of what every player feels during this emotional meetings.

Q: How do you remember the 0-5?
A: 'It's a very nice memory, a special night, a match of maximum rivalry, and with a sounded victory in the field of the opponent, luckily enough for being so successful in front of goal with that hat-trick, something that will stay in history, something that makes you feel very proud. Now, with a better perspective for been retired, you see it differently and you get very nice memories of one of the best games in my football career.

Q: Does it make you feel special?
A: Yes. Everything on that week and all those memories. Also, luckily there are no Primera matches on this weekend and destiny wanted that this is the main game on the weekend as it’s a Primera match, though for the circumstances it’s played at Segunda. At moments like these you remember the times when you defended the shirt of Deportivo, which is engraved deep inside me, with maximum intensity and all the memories of the derbies, which are very positive, as all the years I spent at Depor, pretty good years in which we achieved very important things.

Q: The Riazor Blues say that a derby is not to play, but to win...
A: In the end everything is reduced to three points. Of course, from the position of the fan is to be understood in that way and is transmitted to the spirit of the player when is on the field. It's very nice because it pushes you and makes you feel that it isn’t just one more game, because is one of those meetings that every player loves to participate due to the special atmosphere that surrounds it. It's among the games that make you go out with fully charged batteries. It's good to have that feeling and to enjoy it. But you have to do with a cold head, because what you’ve is three points. Though I understand you must have a warm heart dose required for these meetings.

Q: Did you feel pressured at the moment of facing these games?
A: Not at all. I never felt pressured playing at Depor, never. Actually I was happy, confident... What I noticed is that it’s a game that will be watched around the world and that your fans want to win, because what they  like is to make jokes with the friend of Celta, which will last all over one around in the competition. You've defeated them, you've gone all over them, from the point of view of the fan is important, but is not pressure, I'd say it's motivation.

Q: Any favorite for this meeting?
A: These are labels that are hung as propaganda. The rivals are measured under the actual results, the performance and their trajectory in the league, and in that sense is fairly even, because Celta has chained a positive streak with four straight wins and Depor is more irregular, although it’s very strong at home. The forces are much leveled, though Deportivo is always the favorite at home, but from another perspective, professionally, it isn’t good, because it can bring overconfidence or can drive to underestimate your opponent.

Q: What is the role of the head, the brain?
A: In every game is critical and more in these kinds of matches, because of the motivational factor that causes to see the heart pretty excited, and is good, but as long as there’s a processor, which is the brain, it should control these feelings so they are not excessive motivated to lead you to an error.



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