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11 May 2017
Depor’s current top-scorer, Florin Andone, talked on Wednesday. He is optimistic ahead of the last two games in liga, but seemed uncomfortable towards the questions regarding the unhappiness of the fans with the team.

Florin Andone addressed the media after Wednesday’s training, it was one of the few times in which someone from the inside will talk with the media during the week as the club imposed a “ban” in order to protect the players from the external environment.

 He started describing the situation inside the changing room, “We hope it [the salvation] will be here now. The game is very important, a game that for us it is another final. We will try to win and achieve the goal. The changing room is fine, thinking of preparing well the weekend. For us it is important these two games. We will prepare fine the game and will try to save ourselves.”

About the discomfort from the fans, he said that, “It’s normal. People ask for victories and the salvation. In the end we are Deportivo, we aren’t a small club and it’s normal to see them unhappy. We will try to achieve the salvation now and bring calm, later to play the game against Las Palmas trying to give everything from us.”

The striker was asked about interest from other clubs, and his response was short and concise, “I want to stay here.” About the combination of results that could bring the salvation, he commented that, “Football is complicated, a lot of things can happen. It could be that Sporting are unable to win in Eibar and we could be saved. I don’t know what could happen, only that if we win then we will be saved.”

Andone said, despite what’s at stake, he didn’t see any difference during the training session, “We have always worked in the same way, with intensity. What happens is that only two bullets remain and we need to save ourselves in any way. These ten days are very important for us, to stay one more year at Primera, we must be conscious about it and train at the top, so we can be ready for Sunday.”

During the press conference, he was constantly asked about the lack of patience from the fans due to the most recent results, and he seemed uncomfortable with the questions “People are free to think whatever they want, it is something to respect. But we aren’t worried of what people think, instead we are worried of what we do. We must move forward to defend our honour. There are some nerves as only two games remaining, but I think that Sporting are more nervous than us. Five points is the difference and with two games the most common is that we will be saved.” He said.

Then he responded after been asked for the insults of the fans during the game against RCD Espanyol, “People are free to think whatever they want, clearly it hurts. It isn’t because we don’t want to win. We all want to win, but there are moments in which it is harder. People are free to judge us, that’s why they pay the entrance, and if we don’t fulfil the expectations then it’s normal to see them judging us. We can only shut up and try to work in order to revert the situation.”

The current top-scorer at Deportivo was asked about the fact that he reached ten goals in the liga season, he commented that, “The important thing is the collective, it’s useless to score a lot of goals if the team doesn’t achieve the permanence. I would be happier if we achieve the salvation with me adding to the team. I am content in this personal department.”

Finally, Andone didn’t want to send a message to the fans ahead of the visit to Villarreal CF, “I don’t know what else to say. For many weeks, I told the fans to rely in us, to be at our side, and the true is that the fan have been patient. What happens is that we aren’t fulfilling the expectations, we aren’t at the height of the fans and must work harder in order to stay at Primera.”



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