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07 Jul 2017
Depor’s coach talked to reporters and analyzed the start of the pre-season. He assured that 99% of the team going to Vilalba at the end of the stage will be the one competing in liga; he also assured that five signings are pending to arrive.

Pepe Mel conceded his first press conference of the season. He talked for twenty minutes and analyzed the state of the squad, the pending singings, the contribution of the academy players and the plan for the pre-season. The following is a summary of the things he said.

First trainings: “The true is that, for the moment, we have a very young team, for all the people between Fabril and Juvenil that are working with us, but people are willful and wishing to start. We must try to put the first stones in order to be satisfied with the work done, and these first steps are important.”

Double sessions and a lot of friendly games: “It’s something that I requested. It’s something that it’s good for us, we need to know each other and we have a coach that recently landed here, new players with some of them pending to arrive. As soon as we know each other, the better. The first games are assumed as training sessions. We will train in the morning and in the afternoon we will play with two different teams, one for each half. We will do this in the first three games and maybe the same for the following three friendly games. As you know, the international players won’t take part of those matches, neither the new signings.”

Cartabia & Fede Valverde: “Cartabia already know the Spanish la liga, with different teams, we know he is a player that can add things on the sides, and with Valverde we are hopeful, for the things that he can offer and for what you can sense. He is a bet, sometimes is good, sometimes don’t, but he’s a player that’s willing to succeed in European football. The same for Edu Expósito, he has the competence of players already settled like Mosquera and Borges.”

The centre midfielders: “Surely it’s the position where we are more relaxed, we think we are competitive at the centre of the field. Young people is pressing and it’s making us to be more competitive. I cannot tell you that we won’t allow exits in this position. We have six men for the job, and the clear thing to me is that, since the day with Las Palmas, we are starting from zero. A player that was a starter before can end up benched as he could be having a hard start, that’s why competence is good.”

The increase in the salary cap: “To improve is always a primary goal. The whole Deportivismo is convinced that we must improve, but neither is too complicated. We just need to see the team sealing with some peace, and that’s what we must try to do, especially with the pieces that we are missing.”

Missing pieces: “We are pending of the right-back, we are looking at the goal, we don’t know what could happen with the centre-backs, the left side of the defence, plus in attack, we cannot stay with only one striker, especially in this demanding and long league. I already told you enough to see Richard [Barral] knowing what he must do. We are at the market with all the remaining clubs. “

The exit of Laure and Lux: “Depor must respect players that gave a lot to the club, one returns to his country in order to play in a big club, his club, then Laure goes out to a club that offers a three-year contract. We can only be happy with their success, and this is the cycle of football. Now we have Edu Expósito and Óscar Pinchi, the ones that must pull things out.”

Captains: “It’s an important subject, because they represent all of us and one of the things why we make concentrations is to witness the coexistence, the coexistence is vital in bad moments. In Vilalba we will be together for one week, it’s important as the team will be the 99% of the one that will compete and will also be useful to handle important subjects, including this one.”

No Tour outside of Spain: “We had the option to go to Austria or The Netherlands, but I thought it was absurd, because we have better conditions on here and neither have a full squad. A concentration must be made when we could have a similar squad to the one that will play the first game n liga, but five players are pending to come apart from the four international players, so the best is to do a concentration at the end of the stage.”

Edu Expósito and the youth players: “I think the picture is clear since last season, I believe we have a player that can add things to us, and it can also bring hope to our people for been from our home. He [Edu Expósito] deserves this and all the coaches know that he is ready. Edu already debuted with us and Nacho Monsalve was close to do it too. The fact of having Fabril in the upper league is also good as they will also have more competence.”

Róber: “I want to work with him, I watched him at Segunda and now want to see him working with us. With the exit of Insua, and with the issue of Sidnei, things could turn to be complicated and he needs to earn the spot.  The team going to Vilalba is 99% of the one that will compete, and now all the players must fight in order to be there.”

Lucas Pérez: “Everybody knows that we want Lucas to return, the problem is that we are three in this negotiation, because I know Arsenal pretty well as I negotiated with them before. Arsenal will not give anything for free, especially if they paid for him, so I sincerely see things very hard. I told the president that instead we should be focused in the plan B, though we will receive Lucas with the arms open.”

Exits in the coming days: “We had conversations with some people, because we need to be honest. There are players that are aware of their situation. There are young people that know that, the normal thing, is to return to their teams as this was a reward, and then you don’t know, because the less expected one is the one staying, so I am open to everything. And we still have pending people to arrive, we need speed and quality in one-on-one actions, and I’m sure they will arrive. If we want to valorize the academy, including the keepers, we cannot have more than 23 players.”



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