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14 Jul 2017
German Lux returned to A Coruña and conceded a press conference in order to say good-bye to Deportivo. The keeper ended his contract and is returning to River Plate.

Goalkeeper German Lux wanted to say good-bye in person, after knowing in Argentina that Deportivo wasn’t going to renew his contract, he signed for River Plate and decided to return to A Coruña and address the media. “I am a fighter that’s content with his work in Europe and I would have loved to play more, but was always a club’s player. Now I am leaving with a big joy for have played with Deportivo. I want to make a good job in Argentine and been ready for the Libertadores. I want to thank the former president for pulling me in also with Tino and his board for trusting in me.”

“I want to come here now, because it was important to me to say good-bye in person and not through a letter. I am thankful with all the people that trusted me in all these years. Deportivo have been like my family during these years. I spent ten years in Europe and I’m happy with what I did. I can only thank you as these six years have been great. We suffered, but always moved forward. I return to my land and, been 35, want to enjoy football and not live with anguish.” He added.

Asked about why he didn’t renew his contract, the Argentine man said that, “I went to vacation and talked to Gallardo, who asked me if I wanted to return, and I said that yes. I understand that, in order to continue, both parties need to agree and this wasn’t the case. I am not interested in knowing why I didn’t enter into the future plans of Deportivo. I only wish the best for my partners. I think I still can play for a while. I return to a big club that’s my home.”

He isn’t sure if the exit of Laure and Álex, the other captains on last season, is going to affect the team, “We don’t know if the exit of the captains is going to affect. We are only players and sometimes they count with us and sometimes don’t. Football has these things. Life goes on and I am making an important step. I am happy for returning home.”

The keeper was asked what was his favorite stage at Deportivo and he said it was the first promotion from Segunda, “A Coruña is part of my life and I want to remain with the promotion, because a lot was at stake and the meaning was huge. My son Francisco was born on here and that was the most important thing. The bad moments are also there, because it makes you grow up.”

Finally, Lux previewed the next season of Deportivo, “Until Deportivo find a solid base, and a team that isn’t dismantled year after year, will continue like this. Deportivo continue in Primera and let’s hope that the club can keep growing and ascending. The club has changed with Tino on board and let’s hope they can built up a good team, always trying to compete and fulfil the goals. I wish you the best.”   




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