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03 Sep 2017
Seven keepers in three years. For the third straight season Deportivo are having three goalkeepers for the regular liga campaign, and the point is that no one has earned the role of undisputed starter since Fabricio on the season 2014/15.

On Saturday, the club confirmed that the scans made to Rubén Martínez confirmed that he sustained a ligament injury on a right finger of his right hand. The Galician keeper won’t need surgery, but will need to immobilize the hand for four weeks and later needs rehabilitation, which means that the keeper will be out for five or six weeks.

This late injury forced the club to sign a third keeper on deadline day and the chosen one is Costel Pantilimon. The Romanian will now fight for the starting spot with Przemysław Tytoń, and the true is that there aren’t positive feelings with them, after all Pantilimon has only played two league games within the last eighteen months, while Tytoń left big doubts on last season. His previous appearance was the 2-6 loss with Real Madrid at the Riazor (April 26).

The true is that this scenario has been common in recent seasons, actually this is the third straight season with Deportivo having three goalkeepers at the first team, and none of them were considered fixed starters after not having enough opportunities or after committing important errors.

The last time a keeper left the feeling of been an important asset was for the campaign 2014/15, after a doubtful start by German Lux, former coach Víctor Fernández didn’t hesitate in giving the chance to Fabricio Agosto, the Canarian was the starting goalie since matchday 08 and was considered as one of the best goalies at Primera on that campaign, he was even important in the 2-2 draw with FC Barcelona that secured the permanence at the Camp Nou.

But then Fabricio left the club and the instability arrived. For the campaign 2015/16 the team started to have three keepers and none of them shone. Lux continued leaving the impression of not been a guarantee, he was replaced by Manu Fernandez for the last matchdays in liga, but the Asturian also committed expensive errors, while Stipe Pletikosa only had the chance to platy twice (1-4 loss at Athletic and 0-2 loss with Real Madrid).

Last season the scenario was repeated, Gaizka Garitano asked for three keepers, Lux continued leaving the impression of not blocking too many shots and Przemysław Tytoń committed important errors that cost points. Rubén Martínez, who was signed in the summer window, decided to leave in the winter market as he wasn’t having too many opportunities.




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